Snack Time: California Crunch Cassava Chips

I love munching on chips and that's a fact.

The funny thing though, I am not a big fan of potato chips except for Pringles. Rather, I'd go for corn, tortilla, cheese, cassava and all other unique types of chips there is in the market. Most of the time, my luggage is filled with packs of different types of chips as I fly back home. I love those that you can only find in that particular country and luckily, I always end up with the pretty yummy ones that even my family and friends love.

Chips + Frannywanny = TRUE LOVE ♥

I'm a pretty lucky girl to meet a man who shares my love for snacking on chips. However, Paul is a hard-core potato and cassava chips guy who prefers this over basically most of the types of chips that I'd normally go for. Still, we click.

I remember how we would regularly drop by Matahari Indonesian Deli to get our own bags of cassava chips! It used to just be one bag where we would sweetly share while walking around the mall but since we both wanted to satisfy our growing craving for chips, we now would have our own bags as we go window shopping or to watch a movie.

California Crunch Cassava Chips

Imagine our glee when a bag full of California Crunch Cassava Chips (Php. 44.50) was delivered right to our doorstep. Thenks to Rowena and our dear neighbor Jane, we happily enjoyed these bags of chips for several nights after dinner.

California Crunch Cassava Chips comes in two flavors: Barbecue and Sour Cream & Onion. I personally love the sour cream as I find the lightly powdered chips delicious and the flavor wasn't too overpowering that you can actually finish at least half of the bag in one sitting. The chips are very crisp too.

The barbecue was a bit spicy which hindered me from finishing the entire bag on my own and it had a stronger taste than the sour cream.

What makes the California Cassava Chips great is that it's not that greasy and as the label says it has 0% cholesterol, 30% less fat and twice the fiber content compared to potato chips. Now that gives a good reason to enjoy this for an afternoon snack.

Grab a bag of California Crunch Cassava Chips currently available at SM Supermarket and SM Hypermart.

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