Mañana Mexican Cuisine in Boracay, Philippines

Mexican in Boracay? I know it may sound weird to eat Mexican food in the beach as what normally comes to mind are platters of fresh seafood, fruit shakes and perhaps some grilled meats..but we're in Boracay and the choices are endless in this amazing island!

Thus, right after we landed and rode the ferry to the port, took the trike to Station 1, checked into our resort, settled down and admired our rooms, we then attended to our growling tummies and headed straight to Mañana Mexican Cuisine for lunch.

It was my sister's first time in Boracay last July and I was determined to make sure she enjoys. We're both huge fans of Mexican cuisine thus the endless supply of tortilla chips and salsa at home. It was a good thing that Mañana is located just a few steps away from Astoria Boracay, our home for the next three days in Boracay.

It was way past lunch hour yet the place was packed. That's how life is in Boracay, people becomes less time-bound and they eat, party and enjoy at any given time of the day.

manana boracay

Good thing we were still able to get a table immediately. Before browsing through the menu, I ordered a plate of Totopos (Php 125) for the three of us to share. I'm sure both Paul and Pan will enjoy this one as I love the homemade tortilla chips that comes with five types of dips to suit each ones taste.

manana boracay

I was right! My sister enjoyed munching on the nachos while trying on the different dips. I enjoyed the re-fried bean dip as well as the sweet salsa. Nothing beats enjoying a basket of warm homemade tortilla chips while enjoying the sights and sound of Boracay.

manana boracay

In addition to the Totopos, we also got the Enchiladas Combination (Php. 385). The menu says it comes with three warm tortilla but we were surprised to just be served with two. It's different from the enchiladas that we have here in Manila that looks like a lasagna/moussaka. Here, it's like a burrito stuffed with cheese and your choice of chicken or beef with a drizzle of their special enchilada sauce with more cheese, spring onions and sour cream. It came with a generous serving of Mexican rice and re-fried beans as well.

Taste-wise it was pretty good, I love how well the flavors blend together though I hope they have added more sour cream. I also felt that they could have added in more meat too.

The Totopos was obviously the favorite for this party of three. We loved it so much that my sister insisted on having this again on our second return last December. Due to our tight schedule, we ended up having this for midnight snack. Quite heavy for a midnight snack as it kept me up all night! Yikes!

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Head out to Mañana Mexican Cuisine located at Station 1, Boracay Island, Aklan.

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