The Original Jonah's Fruit Shake in Boracay

If there's one thing you should not miss when visiting Boracay is to look for the best fruit shake in the island. Sure, almost all restaurants have their own versions of fruit shakes but only one remains to be the BEST and for me, that's Jonah's Fruit Shake.

jonah's fruit shake

During my first visit, I fell in-love with Jonah's Choco Banana Fruit Shake, true it's loaded with sugar and calories but I didn't day in Boracay is not complete without a glass of Jonah's thick chocolate-banana shake. Each sip was just so rich and creamy, I just want to lie under the sun and daydream while sipping on my fruit shake.

On my second return, we had a hard time finding the Jonah's Fruit Shake store. I was alarmed, how can they close down? We saw one that had almost the same-sounding name and a similar logo font and color too. Talk about being a copycat. We gave that a try but Paul and I felt that this was just not the real thing.

jonah's fruit shake

It's a good thing we found Jonah's Fruit Shake at the back of Astoria Boracay where they have relocated to after they bid their beach front lot goodbye due to high rental. So, before heading to the airport we enjoyed our glass of fruit shake -- this time I got the Mango Banana Shake.

jonah's fruit shake

Finally, I was back in the island and on my one and only day to explore Boracay, my sister and I made sure to look for Jonah's Fruit Shake again. We were so happy to see that they have opened a new store along Station 1 and the place was packed with visitors! We even saw some celebrities enjoying their drink too! (hint: HK and VB) ;)

Of course, I had my new favorite -- Mango Banana Shake while my sister had the very seasonal Strawberry Shake which she said was good!

I love my Mango Banana Shake, I enjoy biting into the tiny banana bits and I like that fact that the drink itself was not too sweet. I'm glad they found a better spot in Station 1 and I really hope they'll be there to stay.

The Original Jonah's Fruit Shake is located along Station 1 in Boracay, Aklan.

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