Lemoni Cafe in Boracay, Philippines

It was our last day in the island and it has always been a tradition that we eat well and splurge a little for our last meal. Thus, together with my sister and her friends, we headed to Lemoni Cafe inside the busy D'Mall.

lemoni cafe tiger prawns

Since we were there on a non-peak season, getting a table was pretty easy. I've read up on all the must-eat and must-visit places in Boracay and for Lemoni Cafe, there's only one thing that I've seriously made a mental note of -- to try their Tiger Prawns with Spinach and Coconut Risotto (Php. 495)

I love prawns and anything with coconut therefore it came as a natural choice to try this dish. Paul wanted the same thing but we decided to just share and order an appetizer as well. We were surprised that this dish is quite pricey but hey, if you want good food, I guess you have to be ready to pay a little more for it. That's my dad's mantra for you. :) Now you know why most of our savings go to food.

I'm glad we did not allow ourselves to get intimidated with the price tag that came with the Tiger Prawn dish. While the serving was indeed just good for one, Paul and I savored every bite of the meaty huge prawns and the fragrant rice cooked with thick, creamy coconut milk. I love it that they added a little touch of steamed spinach to balance out the flavor. This is definitely one dish I will go back to Boracay for.

lemoni cafe fish cakes

To go with our Tiger Prawns and Coconut Risotto, we got the Golden Fish Cakes with Lemon and Saffron Sauce (Php. 250). I'm such a lover of fish and shrimp cakes..actually I love all type of deep-fried seafood cakes. One order comes with two bite-size fish cakes.

What I love about Lemoni Cafe is that they give importance to the presentation of their food. For a while there, I felt like I'm having lunch in the city had it not been for the sound of the waves reminding me that I am indeed enjoying my meal in the beach.

Paul requested for a dash of freshly ground pepper to be added on top of our fish cakes to get that additional flavor. Each bite was very meaty and I'm glad that the fish fillet used was very fresh..no stinky, fishy aftertaste.

Lemoni Cafe is also said to be known for their dessert but we decided to just end our meal here and head over to Jonah's for our mandatory Boracay fruit shake before saying goodbye to this beautiful island.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Lemoni Cafe is located inside D'Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island, Aklan.

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