ChaTime at Pioneer Center, Mandaluyong City

I'm addicted once again.

After being witnessing my long running addiction to Serenitea, here I am again falling in love with another milk tea brand that has just recently opened its doors to the Philippine market.

I would like to introduce you to ChaTime. It's actually a big milk tea company that originated in Taiwan and has a number of branches in Malaysia, China, USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Australia, plus new stores opening soon in Korea, Japan and the Philippines! (source: ChaTime Philippines' FB Page)

I'm lucky because ChaTime's first official branch is located once again just a stone's throw away from my workplace. Just like Cab Cafe, I can easily go there via a short tricycle ride.

chatime milk tea

On my first visit, it was after doing overtime work at the office as Paul and I made it to ChaTime at 9PM. Despite being a few days old, there was already a long line inside the store. I like the clean and brightly-lit interiors.

chatime milk tea

They also have a second floor to be able to accommodate more guests in, something my dear S is weak at as most of their stores are tiny and can only accommodate a handful of guests at a time. A plus is that Wi-Fi internet is also available thus making it a perfect venue for meetings and meet-ups.

chatime milk tea

My drink that evening was the Taro Red Bean Milk Tea (Php. 90 reg/100 large). I love the taste of the toasted red bean however I find the taro a tad too thick. It's like drinking a milk shake only thicker. Since they had a promo that night where you get free upgrade of your drink, I simply had to pay for a regular-sized cup and I get a large drink in an instant. It was quite heavy that I can only consume half of the cup and I feel so full after.

Just a few days after my first visit, Paul and I found ourselves back at ChaTime with Richard, Irene, Lauren and Jane. This was after our delicious lunch at Cab Cafe where we stopped at ChaTime to grab some drinks. This time, they were having a Buy-1-Take-1 promotion where you can get any drink and enjoy a cup of Pearl or Grass Jelly Milk Tea for free!

chatime milk tea

Paul took Lauren's lead and got the Cocoa Smoothie (Php. 55 reg) since he does not like anything with tea. He enjoyed his drink as it surely tasted like crushed Chocolate Twin Popsies as both Richard and Irene would describe it. I even tried grabbing his drink from him to which I got a stare that seems to tell me to "grab only if you dare."

I then got his free Grass Jelly Milk Tea (Php. 85 reg / 95 large) which I enjoyed very much. It wasn't too sweet and I love how smooth the grass jelly was. I loved it so much that I had two Grass Jelly Milk Teas that day. Yum!

chatime milk tea

ChaTime has a wide-array for drinks to choose from. I'm excited to also try the TieGuanyin Tea Latte that Richard has been raving about and more of their Milk Teas and Smoothies.

I'm glad it's so near which doesn't give me any reason to skip a milk tea craving at any given time of the day. Thank you ChaTime for coming to the Philippines!

photo credit: Paul Ang

ChaTime is located at 8006 Pioneer street corner United street, Pasig City (it's in the same complex as Pioneer Supermarket).

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