Kwan Cheuk Heen in Harbour Grand Hong Kong

Knowing that I only have 24 hours to spend in Hong Kong, I quickly made a list of the things that I HAVE to eat and do. Actually I only had 3 things on my list:
- eat dimsum!
- Eat Dimsum!!

Kidding aside, I actually have added in buying hoarding my favorite candy and to check out the Hong Kong Kiehl's shop too. I've successfully done all three and with that I'm giving myself a pat on the back. When you're in Hong Kong, there are just some things that you can't miss out on. One of those is to have dimsum. No matter where you have it, be it at a swanky fine dining restaurant or at some hole in the wall, chinese-speaking-only dimsum shop, you'll definitely enjoy these hand-created masterpieces which have been perfected through time. As soon as we landed in Hong Kong, S and I quickly headed to Tim Ho Wan which is located right at the Airport Express station. Sadly we got there a minute too late as they close at 8:30PM and we were there at 8:31PM and the server won't let us in. Boo!

So, the next day when we were asked what do we feel like having for lunch, S and I quickly said "dimsum, please!" So off to Kwan Cheuk Heen we go! This is a Chinese restaurant located inside our hotel, Harbour Grand Hong Kong. We got there a bit after the busy lunch hour so it was easy for us to get a table. I wasn't able to browse the menu thoroughly but I can say that the price is pretty much upscale compared to most of the dimsum restaurants outside. Well, for one thing, it is located inside a hotel and the service is really of high standards.

Here's what we had for lunch that day. Unfortunately, I failed to get the complete name so I'll try my very best to describe these dishes okay?

kwan cheuk heen 1
We started our meal with some cold starters. I particularly liked the Pork Jelly which has a thick piece of pork fat and I must say is full of collagen. That's good for my skin! Yum :) The beansprouts were just a-okay.

kwan cheuk heen 2
More collagen as we had some Pork Leg (Pata). This was just alright as I'm not too fond of the chewy skin.

kwan cheuk heen 4
Crispy roast eel -- this just got to be my favorite dish! Juicy roasted eel which has a crunchy skin and tender meat covered with this delicious sweet sauce.

kwan cheuk heen 9
Hakaw : Steamed Prawn Dumplings. I tell you, this is one dimsum that you should try (except if you're allergic to shrimps). The shrimps has a good crisp bite to it and they have added in what I think are scallions for more added flavor.

kwan cheuk heen 3
Char Siu Cheong Fan: Tender and flavorful pork asado (char siu) wrapped in a thin rice wrapper. This is one of my dimsum staples as I just love love love this!

kwan cheuk heen 8
Pork Siomai with truffle shavings : I was so surprised when I first took a bite as I had no idea that it had truffle in it. It's your traditional dimsum with a touch of gourmet. I highly recommend this!

kwan cheuk heen 6
Xiao Long Bao with Crab Roe : another modernized dimsum fare which turned out to be really really good!

kwan cheuk heen 7
Stir-Fried Chicken with Chili Peppers : S wanted to have something spicy and I must say, this was indeed a good choice. Even I and my very low tolerance for spicy food enjoyed this dish very much.

kwan cheuk heen 5
Steamed Almond Custard Buns : Ohh.. I have to say that I was never a fan of almond jelly or anything that tastes like Chinese almond but this one won my heart! Kwan Cheuk Heen's version of our Singaporean Lia Sha Bao, I love how the creamy almond custard oozes out in each bite that I took of the delicious bun.

kwan cheuk heen 10
Lastly, we had some Steamed Malay Cake which was very sponge-y and good. This never fails to create a good ending to one's dimsum meal. How I wish Paul was there to try this as he loves this very much.

kwan cheuk heen 11
Oops! We were not done yet, together with the Steamed Malay Cake, we also had a bowl of Almond Soup with Glutinous Balls too. This was really good and it has converted me to consider almond-flavored desserts again.

It was a delicious lunch and I was so happy to be able to have dimsum despite my very short trip. Not only did I had dimsum, I had one of the best-tasting too!

I'll definitely be back at Kwan Cheuk Heen..hopefully soon.

Check out Kwan Cheuk Heen at the 5th floor, Harbour Grand Hong Kong, 23 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong. Call them at +852 2121-2691.

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