1-For-1 deals with The Entertainer App + Special Rate for all Readers!

I'm pretty sure all of you can relate to this.

Eating out is always fun but let's face it, sometimes as the food fills our tummy, it can also cause a dent on our pockets. This is why Paul and I have purposely set aside a percentage of our monthly expenses to "Eating Out". This way, we know that we won't go beyond our allowable budget and still enjoy trying a new restaurant at least once a week. Fair enough, right?

However, if there's a way to be able to eat out or to indulge in one of your favorites for half the price all the time, wouldn't that just be perfect?

entertainer app
I got some good news for all my Singapore-based readers! Look what I came across with -- The Entertainer mobile app. You can download it for FREE regardless of what gadget you're using (iPhone, Samsung, tablets, etc). When you avail either of the Mobile 2014 or the One Month Mobile package, you get more than 700 buy one get one offers which you can avail from their partner merchants. These are a mix of restaurants, cafes, sport clubs, hotels, spas, salons, bars and more! I went through the list and honestly, I was impressed! Some of the restaurants in the line up includes: Ah Hoi's Kitchen, Ben & Jerry's and En Japanese Dining Bar.

entertainer app
So here's how it works, when you have the full/monthly access you'll get to see a list which will look like this. It's arranged based on the establishment's proximity to your area. This is why you're seeing establishments in Anchorpoint in Alexandra Road as it's the closest ones to me.

entertainer app
When I click on an establishment, I get to see more details about it and get this, there's even that tiny button for you to call and make your reservation. No need to go out of the app to do so! How convenient, isn't it?

entertainer app
Each package gives you 3 1-for-1 vouchers per establishments. Some offers 3 different items while some just gives you the chance to enjoy 1-for-1 main dishes for all 3 times!

entertainer app
I went on to discover what are the other partner establishments of The Entertainer App and was surprised to see a number of 5 star resorts all over the region. Imagine being able to stay at Banyan Tree Resort for half the price! I'm in! :)

entertainer app 1
Just to give us a sneak preview, we visited The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill where we were introduced to The Entertainer App. They have a special promotion this August where all members can get a complimentary main course & unlimited Belvedere cocktails for every purchase of a main course and unlimited Belvedere cocktails.

Here are some of the things we were able to try at The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill:

entertainer app 6
Old Fashioned Crab Cakes 
These are the mini versions but I tell you, once you try one... it will be so hard to stop! I just love love love this very much!

entertainer app 4
Lime-Cured Tuna Tartare
Fresh tuna cubes mixed with avocado and pomegranate. Another delicious seafood dish and this makes a great accompaniment to your drinks.

entertainer app 3
A mix of Belvedere cocktails -- Sunkiss and Citrus Summer
We both prefer the Citrus Summer as it is like a light lime juice with the right sweet and citrusy notes. Unfortunately, the Sunkiss somehow reminds us of taking those kiddie Vitamin C which we're not so fond of.

These are just some of the things that we enjoyed at The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill. I really can't get over how delicious the crab cakes were. Looks like I have to head back there soon and avail of the August promotion!

Special Entertainer App promotion for all readers

Now, here's a special promotion just for YOU! Avail of the Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile package for only S$19. All you have to do is to key in the promo code below to enjoy this discount.


Go and purchase now as this promo code is valid only until September 1, 2014! To download your one month version, please click on this link: https://www.theentertainerme.com/trysgfor19/

Now, you'll be able to enjoy your food trips without hurting your budget! I can't wait to use more vouchers soon. Thank you The Entertainer App!

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