#IkawAngHeroKo on National Heroes' Day

Tomorrow, the Philippines will celebrate National Heroes' Day to commemorate all the brave men and women who fought hard for our country's freedom more than a century ago. However, I believe that this day is also the perfect opportunity to look deeper and to give importance to countless Filipinos who have made their own personal sacrifices to make things better. True, no blood had to be shed but more of sweat and tears just to be able to make their families live a better life and to help our nation in general too. I'm talking about our modern-day heroes -- the Overseas Filipino Workers a.k.a. the OFW. They are based all over the world from Hong Kong to Singapore, as far as the Middle East and even in some part of Europe and the United States too.

Living here in Singapore where more than 300,000 Filipinos are present, I've heard countless stories from fellow OFWs, all unique on its own way, on why did they choose to work here. No matter how different one's story is from another, all of them have a similar goal and that is to be able to provide better for their families back in the Philippines. Take for example Ate who cleans for us, she's a single lady who has been working here for more than 5 years and she recently went home for a quick break to attend her nephew's graduation whose education she financed all these years. If you think about it, 5 years worth of monthly wage is big enough for her to probably buy a nice house for herself but instead she has been sending back money every month to her family who needs it badly.

So, in celebration of this year's National Heroes' Day, our flagship carrier -- Philippine Airlines paid tribute to Armiel Saldua, a very lucky OFW here in Singapore with the best surprise he can ever imagine. Hope you enjoy the video below and tell us in the comment section, who the hero in your life?

Happy National Heroes' Day to our modern-day heroes! #IkawAngHeroKo

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