Sunday Folks at Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore

I always believe that a restaurant doesn't need to have a long list of menu items in order to be successful. In fact, most of my favorite restaurants, for instance, would just specialize on 3-4 amazing dishes and this would still get people to queue up for hours. Pretty similar on how a person should be -- no one wants a jack of all trades but who's sadly a master of none. Rather, we'd go for one who may have just focused on one to two skills or talent but can truly be considered an expert on those.

Let me tell you about my newest discovery here in the Lion City -- Sunday Folks.

sunday folks 2
It all began when I had dinner with fellow bloggers Nicole and Charlene who were talking about their latest coffee shop and dessert places finds. Then they started raving about Sunday Folks which initially sounds like a regular cafe to me. It was when I started to ask about it that I was told that it was actually an ice cream place but it's no ordinary ice cream shop too. They proceeded to show me Instagram shots of the ice cream cones and waffles that they were able to try and from that moment on, my life was not the same anymore.

I went home thinking about those mouthwatering ice cream cones and when I told Paul about it, he was all game to give it a try as well. So a few weeks ago, we went out to look for Sunday Folks. Located within the foodie famous Chip Bee Garden, one might find it hard to locate Sunday Folks as it only has this subtle blue signage in front. It's right beside Mai Tai Restaurant and is on the same side as Michelangelo's too.

sunday folks 4
On our first visit, we had to queue for about 5 minutes and waited for another 15 minutes before our order came. We initially wanted to get the freshly made Belgian Waffles with Ice Cream but I was told that the wait would take 40 minutes so I opted to try the Summer Strawberry Ice Cream (S$7.20) on cone instead. Look how pretty my ice cream cone is! What makes Sunday Folks unique is that each ice cream flavor comes with its respective set of toppings so you get a really nice ice cream creation that's so photogenic. The strawberry ice cream had a light creamy flavor and it's topped with cheesecake bits, fresh strawberry slices and drizzled with strawberry syrup. It was so good and we were really happy with our choice.

sunday folks 3
The place was so jam-packed on our first visit that it was actually a miracle that Paul was able to find a nice table for two right away.

We had such a great experience that we just have to go back for more. The next visit was last Saturday when my best friend L and her hubby T came to Singapore for a visit. After a nice brunch at Dempsey Hill, I suggested that we grab ice cream at Sunday Folks. I showed them a shot of my Summer Strawberry ice cream and they were so excited to check it out too.

sunday folks 6
It's a good thing the place was filled but not as packed this time around. Luck was also on my side as I was finally able to try the Fresh Belgian Waffles topped with Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream (S$11.80) and the wait wasn't so long either. Yay!

Ohhh... now I know why everyone's crazy about the waffles! Soft and fluffy on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside, the waffle was so delicious most especially as it's drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with strawberries and blueberries too. Of course, I just can't miss the ice cream so we chose the Roasted Pistachio this time. Delicious!

Here are the other ice cream flavours available: Earl Grey Lavender, Madagascar Vanilla, Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Dark Chocolate. L tried the Madagascar Vanilla which she said was very nice too.

sunday folks 5
On the other hand, here's my friend Ting's Roasted Pistachio on a sundae cone. I'm so glad that my friends all enjoyed their ice cream experience at Sunday Folks too. Nothing gives me more joy than sharing my food discovery with the people I love. ♥

Sunday Folks is located at 44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-54 Chip Bee Garden, Singapore 278116. 

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