Honeymoon Dessert in Vivo City

I always believe that no meal is complete without having dessert! Be it a slice of cake, a scoop of ice cream or a plate of fresh fruits. Dessert cleans your palate and leaves a sweet, delicious after taste. Somehow, it is just the best way to cap of a good meal as ending it with steak or fish makes it feel too abrupt.

All over the world, different cuisines have different desserts. Filipinos would have our famous halo-halo or the mouthwatering Leche Flan among others, here in Singapore, we have bowls of Chendol, Bu bu cha cha or some deep-fried Banana Fritters. For the Turkish, they have the deliciously sweet Baklava while the French would have their pretty cakes, patries and macarons. See how important having dessert is?

honeymoon desserts 2
So, after one delicious meal with Paul and his cousin J, we headed over to Honeymoon Dessert for our favorite Hong Kong-style desserts. This originated in Hong Kong and we're so lucky to have this here in the Lion City.

honeymoon desserts 1
J ordered his ultimate favorite -- Mango in Vanilla Sauce with Thai Black Glutinous Rice (S$5.50). He generously shared this with us and we all love the sweet mango slices which complemented the creamy vanilla sauce. The Thai Black Glutinous Rice has an acquired taste and texture but once you love it, I'm pretty sure you'll get addicted to it.

honeymoon desserts 4
I wanted something simpler that evening so I got the Mango Sago (S$5.80). I just miss the ones that we could easily get from any Chinese restaurants back home. Sadly, sweet Philippine mangoes are not abundant here so I happily grabbed any opportunity to enjoy sweet mango desserts any time.

honeymoon desserts 3
Paul was feeling adventurous so he tried the Glutinous Rice Ball in Sesame Paste (S$3.90). It was delicious as well! The glutinous rice balls remind me of the ones Mommy would prepare during Chinese New Year. It's filled with sweet chopped peanuts and the sesame paste was milky and really good. If you're a fan of black sesame then this is the dessert for you.

Looking at the menu, they have more than a hundred dessert options. My goal is to try at least half of it in the months and years to come!

What's your favorite at Honeymoon Dessert, do share them with me below.

Check out Honeymoon Dessert at 1 Harbourfront Walk, 01-93 Vivo City Singapore 098585. 

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