Ube Leche Flan Cake by Anghelica's Desserts

This is a story of a cake that has launched a thousand..messages. *bow*

Okay, maybe a thousand might be too much but anyway... 

anghelica's 4
It all began when my friend Sten shared her newest sweet discovery of a mouthwatering Ube Leche Flan cake that got all of us here in the Lion City intrigued and craving for our favorite local sweets namely -- ube and leche flan. The perfect combination of something oh-so-creamy and another with the right level of sweetness and yumminess. Luckily, our friend C was in Manila when we discovered this gem so we got his sweet sister C2 to order some cakes and the S'mores bars for us. Hooray for super supportive foodie friends!

We found out that these yummy treats are created by Anghelica's Desserts, a home-based business that specializes in Ube Leche Flan Cake (Php. 500) and S'mores Bar (Php. 450/dozen) among others. They also have Dulce Quezo Mamon (Php. 400), Kasuy de Baklava and Polvoron con Queso de Bola too! I have yet to try the rest and I can't wait to do so when I visit Manila soon.

anghelica's 3
Look what has survived the 3++ hours flight from Manila without a single scratch! C arrived quite late but that didn't stop us from having a midnight snack as we excitedly dig in and tried both desserts. The Ube Leche Flan Cake (7.5"), I must say, was a winner! I love how the leche flan stays so creamy on top while the ube was soft and sponge-y. We spent a few minutes trying to figure out how this was made without compromising the quality of neither the leche flan or the ube cake. Since we couldn't figure it out, we just happily ate our slice of cake.

anghelica's 2
Here's a closer look at the cake. *drool*

anghelica's 5
As for the S'mores, it's a chocolate-y dessert with a thick marshmallow filling and graham powder on top. It was a bit messy to eat as we got graham bits scattered all over the table but who cares, right?! The best way to enjoy this is to have it a bit melted so to make the marshmallow perfectly gooey and for the chocolate to further blend into it. It was okay but I have to admit, it was a tad too sweet for my taste.

anghelica's 1
Paul had a good idea of enjoying this with his afternoon coffee. Yeah, why not?! Since the dessert is on the sweet side, there's no need to add sugar and just let the sweet flavor complement your dark, rich cup of java.

I'm so happy we discovered such a delicious sweet gem! As they say, love (for food) knows no distance, indeed. ♥

*photos by: Paul Ang

How to order: Follow Anghelica's Desserts on Facebook or call/sms them at +63-917-7256038. 

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