Breaking Record : Largest M&Ms covered flag for National Day

Tomorrow will be another momentous day in the history of my dear second home, Singapore as it celebrates its 49th birthday! All over the island, one can see buildings adorned with the red and white flags, cars zooming down the road with touches of the same bright red and white hues, kids and adults alike showing their patriotism in the best way they can.

As for M&M's, the chocolate candy that promises to melt in your mouth and not in your hands posted a challenge. This is to create the largest Singapore flag made out of M&M's candies. Will they be able to do it?

Find out below:

M&Ms 01

M&Ms 02

M&Ms 03

M&Ms 04

M&Ms 05

M&Ms 06

M&Ms 07

M&Ms 08

M&Ms 09

M&Ms 10

There you go folks! M&M's has officially been awarded a spot in the Singapore Book of Records with the largest Singapore flag made out of chocolate candies and this has just made this year's celebration truly sweeter! The flag is 2.7m x 1.8m big so you can just imagine how many red and white M&M's were placed in there. 

As we celebrate Singapore's National Day 2014 with the theme "Our People, Our Home". We all come together, people from various races, from all walks of life but with a united heart that speaks about our love for Asia's beautiful Little Red Dot. Thank you Singapore for taking very good care of me and for making me fall in love with you again and again..and again. Happy 49th Birthday! ♥ 

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