Weekend Brunch at The White Rabbit, Singapore

"I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!"

This line just got to be the most memorable one that has stuck with me throughout all these years after watching Alice in Wonderland. It's the line delivered by the White Rabbit.

the white rabbit 2
Here in Singapore, The White Rabbit means much more than the furry white character in the book, it also stands for one of the best fine dining place in the island and as our friends L & T came to visit us last weekend, I figured that it's the best place for us to catch up while enjoying their popular weekend brunch too.

the white rabbit 6
What makes dining at The White Rabbit so interesting is the fact that you can enjoy the beautiful interiors inside. It's actually a restaurant and bar that's housed within a restored old chapel so as we walked up the mini hill towards the restaurant, Paul was quite unsure if this was indeed The White Rabbit as it looks like a chapel from the outside. "Are you sure this is it?", he asked me a couple of times before heading up those steps.

the white rabbit 5
Look at how filled the restaurant was on this fine Saturday morning. It was a good thing that I've made reservations that way, we instantly got a nice table for 7! Even little TS got his high chair too. Despite how busy the restaurant was, our server was still very attentive to our needs. Really impressed! Every request was quickly granted from TS' kiddie cutlery set, to an extra plate and more serviettes (napkins) too.

Here's what we got:

the white rabbit 3
Paul tried The White Rabbit Fry Up (S$26) which is a complete breakfast set consisting of eggs (cooked any way you like it), thick cut smoked bacon, pork sausage, grilled Portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, brioche toast and arugula salad. It was a hearty meal and I particularly liked how creamy the scrambled egg was similar to how hotels would do it. The thick cut smoked bacon had a strong smokey flavor which was quite good too. Paul gave his two thumbs up for his delicious brunch choice.

the white rabbit 4
Meanwhile, I went for the Crisp Potato Rosti with Smoked Salmon (S$26). To be honest, I was expecting my smoked salmon to be how it normally is in buffets and delis. This was baked or probably grilled but that's fine as it was so tender and fresh nonetheless. The crisp potato rosti came with three sauces -- mustard, sour cream and sweet onion jam. I was so busy trying each one and in the end I would make sure to top each and every slice with all three. The arugula salad was very fresh and I loved it!

As for my companions, both Ting and T enjoyed their Cape Grim Steak & Eggs (S$36) and I must say that the serving was very big! L had a plate of Fettuccine Carbonara (S$24) which she shared with baby TS. She commented that it was quite good as well. As for our friend S, he went for the Wagyu Quarter Pounder (S$28) which sadly failed his expectations. The texture, according to him, was a bit off and because of that he barely finished the thick burger patty. Guess it was that bad. :(

the white rabbit 1
Over-all, our experience was superb! We're so glad to be able to finally try The White Rabbit. Maybe next time we should go there for dinner and try another menu. We also opted to skip dessert here as we were all so excited to have ice cream at Sunday Folks!

p.s.: The White Rabbit is included in the list of establishments in the Entertainer App so that means I got 3 1-for-1 coupons that I can redeem. I just love it that they don't put a limit to the number of coupons one can redeem per visit making it so much better as we basically just paid half of how much our bill was supposed to be. I highly recommend that you download your app and package now! Check out the link for a special discount promo code just for the month of August. 

The White Rabbit is located at 39C Harding Road, Singapore 249541. Call them at 6473-9965 to make a reservation. 

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