Sunday Champagne Brunch at Melt -- The World Cafe, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Here's an interesting quote that I truly agree and believe in:


After all, we work 5 days a week so we really owe it to ourselves to relax and recharge for two full days before heading back to the battle work force once again. Paul and I also take these two days to go out on dates, meet up with friends and to just have fun. Sometimes, we would just stay home, go swimming, do some cooking and nap for as long as we want. That, my friends, is what I'd call work-life balance and I strongly believe that it's something really important to attain a happier life. 

So, what did we do last weekend? Well, it was a busy, action-packed one for us, if I must say. Saturday was when Paul and I went to watch Rock of Ages with his cousin J and my friend C. It was so much fun! The musical was awesome and we're so happy to be in the company of such happy and amazing people. The show was so good that I'm currently experiencing major Rock of Ages LSS this week. We went home quite late last Saturday but that didn't stop me from waking up early the following day. In fact, it was my grumbling tummy that woke me up. Guess it was just so excited for what was lined up that day. Sunday, I went to Mandarin Oriental for their much-awaited Sunday Champagne Brunch.

I've mentioned a number of times before how much I loveeeee brunch! A meal right in the middle of breakfast and lunch, this allows me to enjoy my favorite breakfast dishes with a little more flair and luxury. Aside from champagne, diners gets the chance to enjoy free flow servings of wine, beer and a number of alcoholic concoction. 

Allow me to give you a quick photo tour of what you can expect at Melt -- The World Cafe's Sunday Champagne Brunch

mandarin oriental 5
As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted with this wide dessert spread. A mix of western and local cakes and pastries await you. 

mandarin oriental 4
They also have a couple of cheese selections for you too! 

mandarin oriental 6
I'm such an avid snacker and I love these local Singaporean snacks that I grew up enjoying every time we get to spend our summer vacations here in the Lion City. I seriously can consume an entire bag of Ear Biscuits and Gummy Bears

mandarin oriental 18
Moving in to the main dining area, you'll see this mouthwatering centerpiece. I love salmon and this got me oh-so-excited! 

mandarin oriental 17
Here's a close-up look. Are you drooling now? 

The regular stations are still in place: 

mandarin oriental 9
There's a Foie Gras station, Fresh Pasta station, Carving station and Indian station on one side. I enjoyed the pan-seared foie gras which I went to pair my Wagyu Burger patty with. Yum! This is definitely one top quality brunch! 

mandarin oriental 12
What's a buffet selection without sushi? The selection at the Sushi station was quite limited but I personally enjoyed the fresh salmon sashimi as well as the Scallop Nigiri. I just love starting my meal with a plate of sushi. 

mandarin oriental 25
There are also fresh salads, anti-pasti and a lot of bread selection too. 

mandarin oriental 11
Check out the huge Jamon which you can have with your salad. 

mandarin oriental 24
On to the hot dishes, what's brunch without sausages? I tried them all -- chicken, pork and veal! Yum! Of course, I dropped by the Farmhouse Eggs Corner where I had some Lobster and Caviar Omelet done for me. It was good but a bit too bland, in my opinion. I should have tired the truffled egg instead. 

mandarin oriental 22
Curious what this fish is? 

mandarin oriental 1
The chef made us try his specialty -- Fish Tandoori which was sooo delicious! Paired it with some Cheese Naan and we all enjoyed the strong curry flavor that just explodes in your mouth. The fish was really tender and fresh. 

mandarin oriental 19
Of course, what's a champagne brunch without champagne right? Here at Melt, they actually have more drinks for you to try. Visit the bar and ask the friendly bartender to create a special mix just for you. 

mandarin oriental 8
We got to try a variety of Bloody Mary from the original one to Mezcal, with Clam Juice and another one with bacon and ginger. Unfortunately, I still prefer a fruity mix so I happily traded my Mezcal with some Lychee Martini. :)

mandarin oriental 20
Head out also to check out the Barbecue Al Fresco Terrace -- you can enjoy some burgers, lamb chops, grilled beef and even some grilled veggies too. The wait here can take about 5 minutes or more depending on the order line-up so just place your order and come back for it on your next round. 

mandarin oriental 10
What makes Melt's Champagne Brunch so special is it allows you to indulge to your heart's delight. I just had so much salmon, caviar, foie gras (!), wagyu beef and even some lobsters too! No guilt there as that's what weekends are for anyway. 

mandarin oriental
For parents who wants to enjoy their brunch and to have a little us-time, why not keep the kiddies preoccupied in the "Little Fan Land" otherwise known as the Children's Play Room of Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. 

mandarin oriental 14
I was able to peek inside before the little VIPs arrive and boy was I impressed! Look at the buffet spread that the chef has also prepared for the kids! Fish and Chips, pizza,  mini Burgers, giant cookies which they can decorate, their very own chocolate fondue and more! For a while there, I actually wanted to just stay there and enjoy all these yummy food! 

mandarin oriental 13
Adjacent to the buffet area is a big playing area with rubber mats and stuff toys. We'll let their imagination run wild and free as they interact with other kids as well. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if the little VIPs will ask to go back to Melt every Sunday as they'll surely have a lot of fun in here. 

I know that the weekend is still a few days away but it pays to plan early. Why not spend your Sunday brunch at Melt -- The World Cafe this week? Better yet, why not have an impromptu staycation at Mandarin Oriental Singapore as the package comes with the Sunday Champagne Brunch for 2. 

Buffet rates:
Brunch with free flow juices and soft drinks: S$108
Brunch with free flow Veuve Cliquot champagne + drinks : S$158
Brunch with free flow Ruinart Blanc de Blanc champagne + drinks: S$248
Children age 7-9: S$32
Children age 10-12: S$54

*weekend quote credit:

Visit Melt - The World Cafe at the 4th level of Mandarin Oriental, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore. Call them at 6885 3500. 

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