Breakfast at Aquamarine in Marina Mandarin Singapore

Days leading up to our much-awaited staycation at Marina Mandarin, I've been reading endless reviews about the hotel, the hotel amenities and on Aquamarine. This is where we will be having our complimentary breakfast buffet on the 2nd day of our stay. Most of the reviews were positive to the point that some boldly declared Aquamarine to be the best buffet restaurant in town.

marina mandarin 13
Reading all these good praises got me sooo excited for breakfast the next day. Never mind that we stuffed ourselves silly with pizza and wings the night before. We woke up extra early to maximize on the breakfast offering.

First off was to check out the buffet line-up:

marina mandarin 15
Cereal Bar 

marina mandarin 14
Breads and Pastries

marina mandarin 16
Salads and Cold Cuts 

There's also a section for hot dishes but I was a bit disappointed that the selection was quite limited. It's one of those moments where I spent a good minute or two carrying an empty plate, unsure what to fill it up with.

marina mandarin 12
At least, I found these freshly baked quiche which I liked very much. :)

marina mandarin 1
Finally, here's my first plate of the day -- a rather odd combination of hand-rolled maki, boiled sausages and the winning quiche.

I then had a bowl of yogurt and cereals after. Sadly, nothing else appealed to me which was really disappointing. Perhaps, the reviews that I read visited Aquamarine during lunch or dinner where there were more offerings. As far as breakfast is concerned, this was probably my least favorite among all hotel breakfast buffets in the country.

Aquamarine is located at Level 4, Marina Mandarin Hotel, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore. 

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