Breaking the Fast : RV Burger in River Valley

Five individuals with very different personalities living under one roof.

Sounds like a perfect plot for a TV sitcom right? That's life with the Normanton Kids. Each one has his/her own quirks, mood swings and ideals yet we still manage to get along quite well. I guess, at the end of the day, we all know that have each other for support, love and acceptance. For Paul and I, we see the NKids as our family here in Singapore. We can really say that they've been there through our ups and downs and they've made living in a foreign land still feel like home.

So, just like any family, we went out on Easter Sunday to hear mass and to have a good meal. Paul and I have been abstaining from meat for most parts of Lent while my friend I was on a strict healthy (read: fruits and veggies) diet the entire week. Finally, we're saying yes to meat when Easter Sunday came! Hooray!

RV burger 1
Browsing through the Entertainer App, we chanced upon RV Burger which was just within walking distance from Great World City in River Valley. We've been passing this area a number of times and seriously thought that RV Burger was a bar that comes alive just at night. Well, what do you know?! It's actually a restaurant that specializes in burgers and grilled meat. We each had our choice of meat entrees. C went for the Mixed BBQ Platter (S$25.90) which was quite a surprise as he got one of the smallest appetite in the group. Needless to say, his order garnered a couple of "ooohs" and "aaahhhs" from everyone in the table as it's complete with a slice of pork chop, chicken breast, beef striploin and gourmet sausage. Basically, it's every meat lover's dream.

RV burger 2
The siblings I and O each got the Crazy Tower Burger which is packed with 2 180g beef burger patties stuffed with cheddar cheese and blue cheese, strips of streaky bacon, grilled portobello mushroom, sauteed mushrooms, fresh mesclun and tomato slices. Doesn't it look so mouthwatering?

RV burger 3
As for Paul and I, we shared two entrees. First was the Melting Cheese Burger (S$15.90) which was pretty much a single version of the Crazy Tower Burger with the thick 180g beef burger patty stuffed with aged cheddar cheese, blue cheese, tomatoes and some Dijon mustard on the buns. The burger was a-okay.

Personally, I felt that the flavor of the cheese was way too overpowering for us to fully enjoy the robust meaty flavor of the beef patty. Also, I was somehow expecting for the cheese to ooze out but there weren't a lot for that to actually happen. It was served with a generous amount of thick-cut fries which was really delicious!

RV burger 4
We also had the Cajun Pork Chop (S$15.90) which came sizzling hot with a slice of herb butter sitting prettily on top. Paul carefully spread it out evenly and cooked the pork chop till it had those nice grill marks. Together with the pork chop, they also added in three bacon rolls too. The pork chop was very tender and yummy. I enjoyed this very much most especially with the Black Pepper sauce.

However, what stole my heart was the Baked Potato that came with it. I normally don't like baked potato as most of the ones that I've had were too dry to be enjoyed. This one was really creamy and cheezy too!

RV Burger was indeed a good discovery and we can't wait to go back to try the rest of the menu. :P

Check out RV Burger at 429 River Valley road, Singapore. Call them at 6887-5055.

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