OC Food Trail : I Wanna and YiLi PaoPao Ice

"A party without cake is just a meeting." - Julia Child

Who loves dessert? I do! I do! I dooooo! ♥

yilibaobao iwanna sg 2
So, to continue our lunch food trail in Orchard Central, our next stop after enjoying our healthy salad bowls at Green Rabbit were two must-try dessert places that you all shouldn't miss. First stop was at I Wanna, a pretty and very feminine cake shop that specializes in mini cupcakes!

yilibaobao iwanna sg 3
We all know that Singapore is literally bursting with so much dessert places much more those selling cupcakes. However, what makes I Wanna different is its Lychee Red Velvet Cupcake (S$1.80/piece) which really blewed me away! It has this sweet lychee flavor that gave a really interesting angle to the moist, chocolate-y red velvet mix.

I also got to try the other flavors such as the Original Red Velvet, Cookie Butter, Oreo, Snickers and Apple Chocolate Cupcakes. Next to the Lychee Red Velvet, I loved the Cookie Butter. I know, that wasn't a big surprise as I am a big Speculoos fan but what I liked about it is the fact that I Wanna's pretty baker didn't scrimp on her ingredients. You can really taste that crunchy, course cookie texture in contrast to the soft and moist cupcake.

yilibaobao iwanna sg 4
Next door is YiLi PaoPao Ice from Taiwan! I was really excited to try this as I love shaved ice desserts. We were able to sample most of the flavors before making our choices. At first bite, I could really feel the snow-like smooth texture of the ice dessert. The flavor was spot on too. Coming from the country that grows a whole lot of mangoes, trust me as I say that YiLi PaoPao Ice Mango is delicious!

yilibaobao iwanna sg 5
Finally, I my choice was a mixture of Strawberry Ice and Valentine's Fruit (S$4.95 for two flavors). The strawberry has tiny bits of seeds similar to a strawberry sorbet that I love while the Valentine's Fruit is made of green mangoes which brings back fun childhood summer memories of Pan and I hanging at Kongkong's house and drinking lots of green mango shakes.

yilibaobao iwanna sg 1
Each bite was truly enjoyable and I'm so happy that YiLi PaoPao is finally here in Singapore. I can't wait to try more combinations like the Peanut Ice or perhaps the, if I'm feeling bold and adventurous, the Wumei which has an acquired taste.

That was dessert for me that day! Rest assured, I head back to the office after lunch feeling extra giddy and happy thanks to my maximum sugar fill.

Check out I Wanna and YiLi PaoPao Ice at the Basement 2 of Orchard Central, Orchard Road, Singapore. 

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