Singapore Food Culture : Chicken Rice

Much has been said about Singapore being Asia's foodie mecca. As a growing melting pot of various races and culture, this is the place where one's taste buds can easily be satisfied with a wide-array of gastronomic choices. However, if we stop and think about that ONE Dish that speaks strongly about Singapore's heritage and culture, for me, that would definitely be the Chicken Rice.

wee nam kee singapore 4
Chicken Rice is a simple dish that bursting with so much flavour. Just like our little red dot that may be small in size geographically, but what lies within are various personalities with stories that spans over five decades and more! Each bite brings out the best qualities of the tender chicken meat, the fragrant rice, and the subtle yet remarkable spicy and salty kick of the ginger, chili and soy sauce. Each ingredient working together to leave a delicious experience every single time.

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  1. No journey in Singapore is complete without tasting some of the best local delights and foods that this country has to offer. They are a must try because of their uniqueness and of course, they are delicious.


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