What's New: The Entertainer (1-for-1) Tab

Who doesn't love discounts, right? 

I'm really so happy I stumbled upon The Entertainer App late last year. I swear, this has totally changed my food tripping ways. Now, we've become bolder and more adventurous in trying various restaurants, cafes and even bars all over Singapore. The beauty of The Entertainer App is its ability to offer 3 1-for-1 deals. From 1-for-1 main dishes, 1-for-1 burgers to even 1-for-1 hotel nights! Imagine being able to enjoy these things and to pay just half of the cost. 

I realized that I've been blogging quite a lot about the different establishments while using The Entertainer App. To make it easier for you all to search, I decided to put them all in one tab, which you can access above *point up*.

Better yet, just click on that cute big smiley below:

entertainer app

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