Go West : The Tiny Roaster in Singapore

Paul normally has Saturday work which means, I'm pretty much left on my own to laze around the house or to do some serious running/climbing/kicking/stretching/(fill in with crazy, adrenaline-high action here) at the gym. Not wanting to sound cheezy but I do miss him so much throughout the day. Weekends, after all, are never fun when you're alone right?

Once in a while though, I'd go and visit him at work! Not in a creepy, clingy way, of course, but I'd time it when his work is about to end or it's near his lunch break. I'm thankful for the mall that's within walking distance from his clinic and most especially the little foodie spots that I'd discover in the most unexpected places. 

tiny roasters 1
Take The Tiny Roasters, for instance. I chanced upon this one morning and was immediately drawn towards this small, cozy-looking coffee shop. Stepping inside, you'd be greeted by the warm delicious scent of coffee. They mean serious coffee business here as the only thing on their menu are drinks. Coffee, to be more specific, and not a single food item. Okay, they do have one dessert but it's in the form of an Affogato (a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso). 

tiny roasters 3
I was the only customer at such an early hour on a weekend morning which wasn't very surprising as The Tiny Roasters is located at the ground floor of one of the HDBs (housing estates) in the West. As I had the whole place to myself, I was able to hang out at the bar as I watch the barista prepare my drink. I love how he carefully poured water from a nice looking kettle straight into a coffee filter that slowly brewed the ground coffee inside. 

tiny roasters 4
Like magic, a steady drip of coffee filled up a beaker. Had it not been for the nice coffee scent, I would think I have entered a laboratory. As I tried to chat with the seemingly shy baristas, I learned that they actually roast their own beans in-store. It was then that I noticed that huge roasting machine to my right. They also sell different brewing equipments and accessories too. It's really cool to share your passion and craft with others right?

tiny roasters 2
Customers can also see some sample beans which you can touch and sniff but we all know that overtime, coffee beans loses its oil when exposed to air which then loses its aroma. Personally, I feel they should have just kept it inside a Flavorlock-like bag similar to how most beans are packaged and sold. 

tiny roasters 5
Finally, my Iced Cold Brew (S$5) was ready. Served on a short glass, I love that they added in one coffee ice cube to further strengthen the flavor as the ice melts. Ideally, you're supposed to enjoy this leisurely and as slowly as possible but it was just so good and smooth that I drank it in less than 5 minutes. Oh well... 

How I wish I had more chance to stay and chat about coffee but it was just as I finished my drink that my phone rang and Paul was finally done with work. Hooray! Off to meet my hardworking hubby! 

Check out The Tiny Roaster at 613 Clementi West Street 1, 01-288, Singapore 120613.

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