Co+Nut+Ink Coconut Ice Cream in Sentosa

Summer is finally here and it's really really really HOT!

The weather app says it's about 34 degrees celsius outside but honestly, it feels like it's up to 40! A simple walk around the corner would easily let sweat beads form on your forehead. What more climbing up 3 storeys and walking for 2 blocks under the scorching sun. I swear, I looked like I ran a marathon with the way my cheeks  would turn so red and I'd be perspiring like crazy. All I want is to dip myself into a cold pool...oh, and to have some refreshing coconut ice cream too! 

conutink singapore 2
Let me tell you about the time we visited Co+Nut+Ink in Sentosa. Located at the Beach Station, we took the tram that took us all the way to Siloso Beach. Along the way, we spotted a simple white stall with a long queue in front of it. This immediately caught our attention and piqued my curiosity on what the stall is all about. Moving closer, we found out that they're selling Coconut Ice Cream! Oh em gee! 

We had our first taste of yummy coconut ice cream during our quick weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur late last year. It was oh-so-good that we couldn't stop talking about it. It was then when cousin J told us that there's something similar in Singapore. As it turns out, he was talking about Co+Nut+Ink! They specialises in Coconut Ice Cream. That's it. Well, it makes sense after all, why bother selling the entire line-up when you can focus on what you can do best, right? Therefore, you can choose among 3 varieties: the Classic (with roasted peanuts), Premium Nuts & Fruits (with pistachios, cranberry, almonds, raisins and cashews) or the Premium Dessert (with red ruby). 

conutink singapore 1
I was torn between the Classic (S$5.50) or the Premium Dessert (S$6.80) as I love peanuts as much as I love coconut with red rubies. Eventually, I went with the former as I figured out that you can never go wrong with the classic. 

Each order gives you a big scoop of coconut ice cream on a nice Thai coconut shell and a glass of coconut juice. Ohhh I love coconut juice so I happily gulp this down within seconds. The coconut has a nice texture which is right in between icy and creamy. Sweetness level was just right and it goes so well with the ground roasted peanuts. I'm a fan of any sweet-salty combination so this one was something that I liked very much. We happily enjoyed our ice cream while walking down the Sentosa shore. It was nice to spend some quality time as we talked, walked and ate. 

I found out that Co+Nut+Ink actually has another branch closer to the city. However, we both agreed that being able to enjoy this delicious coconut ice cream at the beach is one experience that we would like to have again and again. So, will we be will be traveling to the farthest point of Sentosa for more coconut ice cream? That would definitely be a YES! 

Check out Co+Nut+Ink at Mambo Beach Club, 40 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore. They also have a kiosk at the Esplanade. 

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