Staycation Files : Marina Mandarin Singapore

I can read minds. Yes, I really can! Don't believe me? Hmmm... I can read what's on most of your minds right now. Ready?

"How I wish the long weekend can last forever!"

Am I right? Am I right? :)

Kidding aside, I'm pretty sure most of you share the same sentiments as I do right this very minute. After all, being able to take some time off work and our daily responsibilities is something we all welcome with open arms. Agree?

marina mandarin 2
So, a few months back, Paul and I took a weekend off to spend a nice R&R at Marina Mandarin Singapore. We love staycations and we would make sure to have one especially on special occasions. That would mean -- Valentine's Day, our wedding anniversary and if we have a bit more budget and time, our birthdays too. Knowing the Marina Mandarin is one of the most sought after hotels in the city, we made our Valentine's Day staycation booking as early as December and since this day was so close to the Chinese New Year period, I was able to avail of a nice package that is inclusive with complimentary breakfast buffet for two.

marina mandarin 10
Upon checking in, the front desk officer couldn't seem to find an available Deluxe Room with a king sized bed, which I've specifically requested for. Good thing though as we were upgraded to an Executive Deluxe Room with a nice view of the Esplanade. How lucky!

marina mandarin 3
Since they have to clean up the room which would take some time, they also offered a nice welcome drink which I enjoyed while people-watching at the lobby lounge.

marina mandarin 5
Within 30 minutes, I was handed the keys to our room and up I went with our weekend bags. Paul had work that day so I took care of checking in and being his one-man welcome team when he finally arrived a few hours after. I'm so happy that they gave us a room at the higher floor, this allowed us to have a nice view of the Marina Bay, the Esplanade and Singapore's Central Business District (CBD).

marina mandarin 4
Our room was quite spacious although it's pretty much as big as the regular Deluxe Room. I was told that the only difference is a wider walkway, a narrow balcony (definitely not for those with acrophobia) and the decor of pressed orchids on the glass panels. I loved how comfy the bed was and that they were so nice in allowing us to request for extra pillows as we normally sleep with three pillows each!

marina mandarin 6
Check out our very spacious bathroom! It's complete with a bath tub, a toilet with traditional bidet (!) and a shower area. Not to mention they have installed two sinks! Paul and I, as lovey-dovey as we try to be, do appreciate being able to have our own sinks. No waiting to brush our teeth or even to wash our hands.

marina mandarin 8
Our room was also filled with all the basic necessities and even the bar had a good selection of coffee and tea in sachets.

marina mandarin 7
So, as I was waiting for Paul's grand arrival, I thought of doing a quick one-hour workout at the Fitness Centre. To be really honest, I was a bit disappointed by the size. Obviously, this is one of those hotel amenities that not a lot of guests would visit so I guess most hotel managements give this the least importance. I've yet to visit a hotel with an impressive fitness centre here in Singapore. What it may lack in appearance, it somehow made up for with the basic set of equipments. I was happy with the treadmill machine and the stationary bike which is always part of my workout routine.

marina mandarin 11
Aside from the Fitness Centre, they are known for their Outdoor Mineral Pool which is one of two in Singapore. It's actually my first time to encounter a chlorine-free outdoor pool. This makes it perfect for young kids to swim in as some of my friends, I know, are quite wary about letting their little ones play in a chlorine-filled pool.

Finally, Paul had finally arrived and we quickly headed to Suntec City which can be accessed via Marina Square mall which has a direct link from the hotel. It's no wonder why Marina Mandarin is one of the favorite hotels of visitors both for leisure or business. It's close proximity to not one but 4 shopping malls (Suntec City, Marina Square, Esplanade Mall and Millenia Walk) allow guests to dine, watch a movie, shop or look for several services at any given time of the day.

I'm so happy that we chose to stay at Marina Mandarin that weekend.  We hardly went outside the Marina district and found no need to actually. In my next review, I'll tell you all about the breakfast at Aquamarine, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant.

Marina Mandarin Singapore is located at 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore. Call them at +65-6845-1000. 

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