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If there's one thing that can ruin a good trip, then that would be falling sick. Okay, maybe catching a cold or cough could cause you sleepless nights but at least you can still go about your trip and eat to your heart's desire. However, when tummy troubles strike, then that's another story.

fran paul honeymoon
Newlyweds Franny & Paul in Kuala Lumpur
Take it from me, the girl who spent 90% of her 2-week honeymoon with a rumbling, extremely gassy tummy that has forced me to run to the nearest toilet at any given time. No thanks to that bag of popcorn that I pretty much single-handedly consumed for the first 3 nights of our honeymoon. This has hindered me from enjoying most of our meals as I had to resort to bland and tasteless congee, banana, apples and hydrite most of the time. Well, I surely made up for all that, now that we're here in the Lion City for good.

So, what really happened then? As it turns out, my body can't seem to accept and process corn among many other items. This is what doctor's would now call -- Food Intolerance. Very different from Food Allergies, mind you. As the latter is more related to affecting one's immune system which causes blockage in the breathing passage or small rashes would appear. Food intolerance is our body's way of reacting abnormally towards certain food items. It can then cause the feeling of bloatedness, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, weight gain and a lot more. Unlike Food Allergies, Food Intolerance manifests its symptoms at a much slower pace.

For someone who loves to eat, it can be quite tiring to make random guesses on what food items my body is intolerant too. The only way to find out once and for all was to take the Food Intolerance Test which I finally did last December.

hi-precision diagnostics manila
Since our Manila schedule is always crazily packed, I'm glad that Hi-Precision Diagnostics offer home service as an option. It was really nice to have Vivian, my medical technologist, waiting for me at exactly 9am in our living room. After our quick hi's and hellos, Vivian proceeded to explain what the Food Intolerance Test was all about. She showed me the vials which will later contain my blood and that the result won't immediately be available within 24 hours unlike a normal blood test because of its complexity and in-depth study.

hi-precision diagnostics manila
I'm not really the easiest person to draw blood from as my veins would collapse and go on a hide-and-seek adventure with the needle. I was really surprised at how quick Vivian took my blood without any struggle at all. I am definitely getting her to be my med tech for life!

After a month, I received my result via email.

hi-precision diagnostics manila
The ones in RED are the big no-nos. These are the culprit to my sudden bouts of migraine, bloatedness and tummy troubles. Look! Corn and Milk are definitely in there. I was quite sad about eggs, oranges, rice and crabs though as these are some of my favorite food items!

I'm glad though that I can still have most proteins, fruits and veggies. I really want to follow this to a T as I know it will be best for my health but such a big change can't happen overnight. At the moment, I'm taking it one step at a time. Definitely sayonara to milk and corn while I'm starting to ease off on the other items too. Let's see how this goes in a year's time.

hi-precision diagnostics manila
One thing I love about taking the test is the fact that I can finally stop the guesswork as it's there written on paper the food items that I can and cannot eat. All it took was a few blood samples and you can save yourself for life. Do note that each result is unique from one another. As we all have different blood composition, the things that my body is intolerant to may differ greatly from yours. I highly recommend everyone, young and old, to take this test. I'm a strong believer towards finding ways to prevent sickness instead of waiting for it to strike and finding the cure. Go for it!

To know more about the Food Intolerance Test, call Hi-Precision Diagnostics at +63-2-7417777 / +63-2-8639999. 

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