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Have you ever watched the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? Remember scenes when Gus, the dad of lead actress, Toula, would refer everything back to its Greek word origin? While we all know that this was included as a comic relief, it also showed how proud Gus is to be Greek. His character reminded me so much of my own dad. No, Papa do not go around spraying everything and everyone with Windex but he also loves sharing stories about China and what it has created in this world. My dad is mighty proud of our origin and do value the importance of understanding our roots.

hole in the wall 4
As for me, I show my appreciation through my stomach. :) It's no secret that I love Chinese food. I love the wide-variety of dishes that you can create with one main ingredient. As Papa would say, the best Chinese chef should know how to cook an egg in 100 different ways. I haven't went past 15 so I guess I have a lonnng way to go. :)

Kwong's Provisions was the first stall that my family checked out when we visited Hole in the Wall. It's menu lists a modern take on the traditional Ha Yuan favorites which we all love. Guess we went a bit overboard as we all had our personal choices so this is where we ordered a LOT! Check it out,

kwong's provision 1
First, we tried a bowl of Maki Mi (Php. 190). This is one of their specialty and we noticed that this version was tastier with a more umami taste than the traditional type. We love the generous garlic bits, crunchy fresh beansprouts and of course, the noodles. It's a huge bowl which was enough for all 5 of us to share.

kwong's provision 3
Papa wanted to try the Braised Short Rib Rice Bowl (Php. 270) and we all agreed that this was a gem! We loved the tender, fall-of-the-bone short rib which was cooked in a savory thick sauce that went perfectly well with rice. So delicious! This is a great lunch choice and a filling one too. How I wish though that they'd also offer this without the rice for groups to share, right?

kwong's provision 4
Reading the menu, I was intrigued by the Hainanese Chicken Ma Chang (Php. 150). I know, I know! It sounded so silly for me to order something that is widely available here in Singapore but hey, I've never had Hainanese Chicken flavored ma chang (glutinous rice) before so this is something new. Well, I'm so glad that I tried it was it was also another yummy find. Pan and I loved the aromatic ma chang with a good portion of tender chicken meat mixed into it. In true Hainanese Chicken fashion, have this with a bit of the chili, soy sauce and ginger oil combination.

kwong's provision 2
We also tried the Prawn & Crab Roe Balls (Php. 175) which was too oily for our liking. This was the only thing we were all not too crazy about. Somehow, the flavor was lost as all you could taste was the wanton wrapper and oil.

kwong's provision 5
Lastly, another Singapore-inspired dish -- the Salted Egg Chicken Wings (Php. 240). I have a feeling that these dishes inspired Suzy during her stay here in the Lion City. Well, this was really yummy! The taste was very close to the salted egg dishes that we would have here and for that I'm giving this my two thumbs up. The coating was so crispy and the inside very tender. This is another must-try.

There you have it, this was just our 1st stop and we've filled up more than half of our table already. We all love Kwong's Provisions because of its yummy modern-take on the traditional Chinese home favorites at very reasonable prices. Watch out for more to come!

Hole in the Wall is located at the 4th floor of Century City Mall, Century City, Kalayaan Avenue in Makati. Call them at 801-1231

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