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On days when Paul had to work late, I would normally try to make it home earlier than usual to be able to prepare our dinner. So far, I've mastered the art of cooking rice and reheating a wide-array of viands too. When I'm feeling a bit more creative, I would cook a new dish and would surprise not only Paul but myself as well with the (thankfully) positive outcome. I have to admit though that we do most of the cooking during weekends where we have the luxury of time. Weeknights are normally meant for reheating our food as we basically have an hour to prepare everything to have dinner right away.

food panda sg
One night, I went home late after paying a quick visit to the gym. Worried that we will end up eating really really late, I told Paul that I'll do something about it. As soon as he said "okay",  I quickly opened the ever reliable Food Panda app.

food panda sg
The steps are really simple. First, I keyed in our postal code to be able to generate a list of restaurants that can service our area. I used the filter option to sort the list by delivery time. We were in a rush so the fastest time possible to have our food delivered, the better. We were not in the mood for Indian or local food so I decided to try Outback Steakhouse. I've tried this numerous times in Manila but never visited the ones here in Singapore. It was also perfect as Paul recently mentioned to me that he wants to try the food at Outback Steakhouse here. I ordered a whole lot as I also plan to save the rest for our next meals. Now, isn't that good foresight, or what?! ;)

food panda sg
It took me less than 10 minutes to finalize my order and since I already have ordered with Food Panda before, my details were already stored in the program. Right away, I got a confirmation both on my mobile and through email saying that my order is being processed. Then begins the waiting game.

food panda sg
The time committed was 60 minutes (1 hour) and true enough, the Food Panda delivery man came knocking at our door within an hour's time. Look at the huge bag of food he has for us! Yay!

Paul took care of paying the delivery guy while I did a quick check if everything we ordered were packed inside the bag. I was quite impressed that everything was packed in their individual boxes and labeled for easier identification. They have also added in packs of utensils and napkins should you prefer to just grab and eat from the box directly.

Here are some of the things that we ordered from Outback Steakhouse:

food panda sg
Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack) with Thick-Cut Fries
Trust Outback Steakhouse to serve really good, fall-off-the-bone ribs. The fries arrived a bit soggy but nothing our trusty oven toaster can't fix.

food panda sg
Kookabura Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing (Mild)
This was my favourite! The chicken wings were surprisingly so juicy and I just love dipping covering it with the blue cheese dressing. The thing inside the foil were crunchy celery sticks which we also munch on with more blue cheese.

food panda sg
Grilled Salmon
Juicy, perfectly grilled salmon. I enjoyed this so much with our home-cooked rice. :)

We had a really delicious dinner and were able to enjoy the other dishes for two more succeeding meals. That saved us from having to cook a new dish as we just conveniently popped it into the oven and within minutes, we had our restaurant-quality dinner!

I just love how convenient food delivery has been thanks to Food Panda. The prices do not deviate too much from the regular in-store menu and it saves you from the trouble of having to travel all the out to the restaurant to enjoy a good meal. The best thing is Food Panda has been giving away special deals lately so make sure to download the app (both available for iOS and Android phones) to catch these promos right away.

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