Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall, Philippines

It's a great great week, dear readers! No particular reason why but I just made the decision to start the week in a positive note. Given that, I thought of sharing with you one of my happiest discoveries during my recent visit back to Manila.

Welcome to Hole in the Wall.

hole in the wall 3
Located at the top level of Century City Mall in Makati. I never imagined for such a cool mall to open in this spot as it used to be a mainly residential/office area. At some point, we felt like tourists in our own country as we ooh'ed and ahh'ed as we walked our way to the top of the mall. It's so pretty and I love love love it!

For this particular visit, my family went there to have lunch. I've been hearing a great deal about Hole in the Wall from my foodie circle and I knew that I just have to check it out while I'm there. The top level has an al-fresco set-up where you can also find CaliBurger, 12 Monkeys and Andale by Agave. My dad, in particular, was amazed as he slowly checked each establishments out. At the far end, you'll find Hole in the Wall -- a cool food hall that houses 10 interesting food concepts ready to suit whatever you may be craving for the day. I'd say, this is a great place to eat when you're dining with a big group as it's normally a challenge to please everyone right? Dining at food halls allow everyone to choose what they want and share it too!

hole in the wall 6
Take my family of 5, each of us have our own preference so the best way is to order a little from each stall and to share. That's the beauty of dining family-style too, it's all about finding your own favorite! Before I go into details on the dishes that we ordered, let me take you on a quick tour around this pretty food hall:

hole in the wall 4
As you enter, you'll be greeted by Kwong's Provisions which is right at the center of the food hall. It's the newest baby of my dear friend Suzy of Ha Yuan / Spring by Ha Yuan. Suzy has been so innovative in creating her own modern take of the traditional Chinese favorites so I'm excited to see what she has in store for Kwong's Provisions.

hole in the wall 2
To the right of Kwong's Provisions, your sweet tooth will surely love Scout's Honor by Chef Miko Aspiras. I've met him briefly when he was in Fairmont and I loved his desserts back then. Here at Scout's Honor, he has a wide variety of cookie creations and you can make your own cookie and they'll gladly bake it for 8 minutes or less!

hole in the wall 7
Walking further in, we saw Bad Bird which has a growing line in front of it! They offer umami fried chicken in various platters. Took a peek at those fried chicken pieces and they were humongous!

Across Bad Bird is Spruce, my kind of stall! They sell cold-pressed juices as seen from their chiller. Unfortunately, Spruce was closed when we visited so I wasn't able to try this. *sniffle*

hole in the wall 1
Moving on, we spotted Liberation Shawarma by my chef crush, JP Anglo (of course, he coincidentally has the same first name and similar last name as my one true love, Paul). It's interesting to see that it offers not only beef but pork and falafel shawarmas.

hole in the wall 8
Lastly, we saw Green Cheese! If you remember, I blogged about Green Cheese's super duper yummy Japanese Cheesecake not so long ago. I'm glad that they're now open to the public for everyone to enjoy every single day.

Aside from these open stalls, there's Phobobo, Mr Delicious by Jeremy Slagle, Tiny Duchess, The Beef and Posporo which I have yet to try for myself.

hole in the wall 5
There are a lot of sitting areas in Hole in the Wall in different settings and designs too. Somehow, the cool industrial/wooden/garden-like interior reminds me of Pasarbella here in Singapore less hipster and more classy though.

In my succeeding posts, I'll go in detail to feature the different stalls that we were able to visit in Hole in the Wall that day. Be ready to get really really hungry! You've been warned. :)

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Hole in the Wall is located at the 4th floor of Century City Mall, Century City, Kalayaan Avenue in Makati. Call them at 801-1231

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