Inside Hole in the Wall : Scout's Honor

After eating our way around Hole in the Wall, we were just about ready to wave the white flag. Before that though, we just have to visit one last store. I have been hearing raves about this yummy dessert store and I made it a point not to miss this. Not even when our tummies are about to burst from so much food, my visit will never be complete without checking out Scout's Honor!

hole in the wall 2
Luckily, Chef Miko Aspiras was there for me to say hi! I saw him back when we went to dine at Fairmont Makati and I'm happy to see that he has finally opened his very own dessert brand.

scout's honor 3
Scout's Honor's menu is divided into three parts -- there's the Classic Scout Cookies, Craft Cookies and they got flavored Milk to go with your cookies too! First, Paul and I checked out the Classic Scout Cookies which are ready-made cookie creations which are not the ordinary.

scout's honor 6
We were intrigued by the Cookie Inception which is a cookie within a cookie within a cookie! Doesn't that sound just like a dream? :) Paul and Pan -- our family's two chocoholics, loved this very much! Mommy and I tried the Matcha Sesame which was yummy! We both love anything matcha and the sesame filling wasn't too sweet and perfectly matched the milky-bitter kick of the matcha. We also tried the S'Mores-Tag-Alongs which is perfect for all marshmallow fans like myself. The shortbread made the cookie very light which was perfect as the marshmallow gave the cookie weight and the sweetness already.

scout's honor 1
Moving on to check out the Craft Cookies, I was so excited that Chef Miko can actually create your very own cookie on the spot! There were 6 cookie doughs to choose from: basic chewy cookie, double chocolate fudge, molasses oatmeal cookie, vegan cookie, peanut butter cookie and herbed shortbread cookie. On top of that, there's a myriad of toppings to choose from! From nuts to fruits, there's candies, grains and chocolate chips too!

scout's honor 2
Here's the PaulFran creation! It's a simple (but super yummy) cookie creation using the basic chewy cookie with milk chocolate chips, almonds and roasted macadamia! It was so chewy and fudgey, Paul and I just loved every bit of it. We enjoyed it way too much that we forgot to save some for Pan. Ooops! *sheepish grin* Bad Achi and Ahia!

We had so much fun at Scout's Honor that I know this is one store I want to go back to pretty soon! I want to create more cookies with the other toppings and swirls as well. This is truly where sweet cookie dreams are made from!

Hole in the Wall is located at the 4th floor of Century City Mall, Century City, Kalayaan Avenue in Makati. Call them at 801-1231

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