Tom Sawyer's Chicken is back in Manila!

Most balikbayans / OFWs will surely agree with this statement: "No matter how long your trip back to the Philippines is, it will never be long enough." In other words, it will always feel like you just have so many things to do with so little time. The best solution for this? Multi-task.

Believe it or not, I have begun creating day-to-day itinerary whenever we fly back to Manila. Every minute is precious and can never be wasted not doing anything. Of course, we have to make sure that we have set aside ample time to bond with our families too. For this particular trip, Paul had to go to LTO to have his driver's license renewed. Since we went right on the last work day before Christmas Day, we were greeted with a shockingly long queue and what used to just be an hour-long processing time took us almost half a day.

tom sawyer's manila 1
Not wanting to rant that we have just wasted half a day waiting in line, it was a good thing that the LTO office was just right across Tiendesitas where the newly opened Tom Sawyer's Chicken is located. I do remember dining at Tom Sawyer's back in the 80s after one of my many piano lessons. I was too young then that I could barely remember what I had but it could probably be the spaghetti as I somehow would always get spaghetti wherever I go.

tom sawyer's manila 2
The menu was simple, it specializes in deep-fried chicken and they have it available in Party Boxes and Platters. I had the 1 Piece Chicken Platter (Php. 88) after seeing how huge it was. Paul was feeling hungry so he went for the 2 Piece Chicken Platter (Php. 138). Both platters come with their old-fashioned gravy and rice. I requested that I be given the thigh portion and was so happy that they said yes without complains. That's a big plus for me.

Look how big and crispy looking my chicken is! It literally glows in the sunlight and I just loved the crackling sound as I slice through it. The meat was tender and very juicy too. However, what won my heart was the old-fashioned gravy. It has this creamy, mushroom flavor that was so yummy when scooped onto my rice and all over my chicken. They actually charge for extra gravy but we're lucky that our kind server gave us a bit more.

tom sawyer's manila 3
The 'slaw amongst the sauces
We also got a serving of Coleslaw (Php. 40) to go with our chicken platters. It was a-okay. Not as creamy as I was hoping it to be. They also have Corn Bread and Spaghetti for those who wants pasta over rice and a friend also told me that their Hickory Rice is worth trying too. Must remember to try that next time.

It was a quick, affordable lunch that we both enjoyed. This delightful experience has truly made up for the blurry memory that I once had about Tom Sawyer's Chicken. Happy to have it back in Manila and I hope they'll expand soon.

Tom Sawyer's Chicken is located at Building A, Stall # 1-A Tiendesitas, Ortigas Avenue corner E. Rodriguez (C-5) in Pasig City. 

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