Welcome 2015!


2015 is finally here and we're filled with so much optimism that this year will bring more luck, love, success and good health. Let me do a quick re-cap on the top 5 highlights of my 2014:

1) New friends, old friends
As you may have noticed, Paul and I do love our friends dearly. We're blessed to have a handful who have stayed loyal and loving to us through all these years (some have been there for us for decades already!). Being away from home may have put our friendship to the test but it's such joy to be able to catch up with them every time and it's so easy for us to pick up where we left off making us realize the true friendship knows no distance.

When it comes to new friends, we have the NKids whom we love and consider as our family in the Lion City. We're so lucky to have met them and to share a number of foodie adventures with them. C, I and O will forever be mainstays in this blog so do watch out for that.

2) Happy travels
Finally, we're back on the traveling path! After a year-long hiatus of no vacation travels outside Singapore and the Philippines the past year, we were finally able to do a fun and educational temple run in Cambodia with the NKids, I had a quick yet gastronomical visit to Hong Kong and a nice weekend getaway to Kuala Lumpur. We can't wait to fly around the region next year!

3) Love Love Love
Yes, love makes the world go 'round. This year's highlight was the engagement of my sister Pan to E. I can't wait to officially welcome my soon-to-be brother-in-law to our small (yet crazy and loving) family. Another milestone is happening soon and I know that this will bring more joy and luck to both families!

4) On the Fitness Path
I declare 2015 to be my FITNESS year! I'm so happy to be able to discover the beauty of yoga and it's such joy that I'm back at the gym, dancing like there's no tomorrow. It's high time to put my rubber shoes to good use and to focus on my over-all health. I urge you all to include this in your 2015 list too! Come on... :)

5) When dreams come true
Life has been kind to us. Our wishes and dreams becoming a reality one by one. Of course, we are both wishing for one big thing for next year and we hope it's the right time for it to happen. All in His time, they say...all in His time. ♥

May 2015 bring a great amount of joy, success, love and good health to all of you. Thank you dear readers for all the love and loyalty that you've shown through all these years. I am forever grateful. :)

Cheers for Frannywanny.com's upcoming 8th year anniversary and for this fun New Year!

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