The Marmalade Pantry in ION Orchard

Before flying home for the holidays, Paul and I met up with cousin J for our own Christmas brunch. Since we all have The Entertainer App, and you all must probably know by now how much I love it, we quickly went for The Marmalade Pantry for it's 1-for-1 deals. I tell you, having the Entertainer App has changed my life! With close to a thousand dining establishments, it has made every weekend much more fun as we would gamely try a new restaurant around town. I've lost count of the number of establishments that I've tried but seeing that I've saved about S$400 within 4 months was strong enough to tell me how often I've been using the app.

Let me talk more about the app some other time and let us turn the limelight back to our Sunday brunch at The Marmalade Pantry. Located at ION Orchard, this cafe/restaurant seems to always have a permanent queue at its entrance. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long as we got to the restaurant a few minutes before the real brunch line began to form. *phew*

marmalade pantry 2
We like sharing our food family-style so we decided to get 3 brunch mains and 1 for dessert. The first choice was the Eggs Any Style (S$22) which was platter of grilled english sausage of bacon, sauteed mushroom, roasted tomatoes, home made baked beans, whole wheat toasts and 2 eggs done any style you want. We requested for the Grilled English Sausage and went for sunny-side-up. It was a pretty straight-forward breakfast dish. The sausage was really good and I enjoyed this with the sauteed mushroom too.

marmalade pantry 3
For our second mains, we went for the Truffled Field Mushroom Risotto (S$25) which was so aromatic! I fell in love with it the moment it was laid down on our table. The rice was cooked just right, not dry nor was it mushy. The sauce was so creamy and truly addicting. I love that they were very generous with the mushroom pieces too. Yum!

marmalade pantry 4
As for the Pork Lasagna with Fresh Ricotta (S$24), it was also another interesting dish. Truth to be told, I've never had pork lasagna before as I've had it with beef or veggies. It's quite interesting to enjoy the tender minced pork enveloped within the al dente lasagna sheets and cooked in thick, flavorful tomato sauce. It was very cheezy which I love. I just didn't liked the garlic bread placed on top which quickly became soggy upon serving.

marmalade pantry 1
Lastly, we tried the Bananas and Berries Hotcake (S$18) which sadly failed our expectations. It was very dry and some pancakes were not even completely cooked as the center was still mushy. The server, noticing how unenthusiastic we probably were over this blah dish, offered to give us some maple syrup. It perked up the taste a little bit but over-all it was definitely not worth the price.

How I wish we still had room in our tummies for the cakes! I was able to try the Sea Salt Caramel Cheesecake (S$9) before and it was good. I'll definitely go back to The Marmalade Pantry for more of their dessert and main dishes too.

Now, here's the best thing of all. Thanks to The Entertainer App, we were able to use two 1-for-1 main dish vouchers so out of the four dishes that we had that day, we only had to pay for 2! Of course, they charged us with the 2 most expensive ones which we didn't mind at all. In essence, we got both the Eggs Any Style and the Pancakes for free.

The Marmalade Pantry is located at 03-22 Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801. Call them at 6734-2700. They also have a branch at The Grandstand too. 

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