Onboard Singapore Airlines (Singapore - Manila - Singapore)

For someone who grew up getting all antsy and fidgety when traveling, I'd say I've successfully won the battle against air sickness with all these regular trips that I have been taking through the years. In fact, there are even some flights that have gotten me really excited starting from the moment I step into the plane. That's one of the best things about traveling right? Being able to enjoy the flight towards your destination.

During my recent flight back home, Paul and I decided to fly Singapore Airlines. We have been flying budget the entire year so we thought that we might as well treat ourselves with a little comfort this holiday season. Was it worth it? Yes, Yes and YES!

Check out the meals that we had during the flights to Manila and back to Singapore:

SQ 912 : Singapore to Manila

I wanted to try something different during this leg so I specifically requested for an All-Seafood Meal. Yes, Singapore Airlines allows you to specify any dietary restrictions that you may have (low salt, no dairy, Halal, vegetarian, etc). Sadly there was no no-corn diet so I played safe and went for all-seafood.

singapore airlines 3
Look at my lovely platter! I enjoyed the Tuna Macaroni Salad, Baked Salmon with Pasta, Dinner Roll with Butter and my favorite Orange Cooler drink. For dessert, we were given a piece of Chocolate Ice Cream Cone each.

singapore airlines 4
As for Paul, he loved his platter of Smoked Turkey with Roasted Corn and Borlotti Bean Salad and Beef Goulash served with sauteed vegetables and steamed potatoes. He had the same dinner roll with butter and ice cream as mine.

The best thing about flying Singapore Airlines is the wide-array of drinks available. Despite flying Economy, we got to choose from their long list which includes wine, whiskey, vodka, beer, fruit juices, sodas, cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and coffee/tea. Our favorite is the Orange Cooler which we think is a mix of Ginger Ale and Orange Juice. We were also able to try the Fruit Spritzer which is a combination of Apple Juice and Sprite. The second drink was a tad too sweet for my taste so I normally just stick with the former.

SQ 919 : Manila to Singapore

The flight back to Manila was a bit more emotionally challenging for me. Having spent more than two weeks at home with my family and closest friends, it was quite hard to temporarily bid them good bye again. It's a good thing that we flew via Singapore Airlines again where the in-flight entertainer and good food somehow cheered me up.

singapore airlines 1
I wasn't able to request for a special meal this time so I went for what was available. Luckily, the selection was pretty good. I went for the Stir-Fried Prawns in Kung Pao Sauce which was served with rice and vegetables. The prawns were surprisingly very crisp and I just love how flavorful the sauce was. I was such a happy camper as I ate my dinner while watching the award-winning film Ilo-Ilo on my personal screen.

Sadly, I had to skip the appetizer was it had quite a generous serving of corn with Smoked Duck and capsicum. I passed this little bowl over to Paul who happily enjoyed this extra serving. The dessert fell short of my expectations. I was actually excited to try the Ube Mousse Cake with Macapuno but it was too creamy for me.

singapore airlines 2
Paul had the Pan-Grilled Chicken in Mustard Sauce which he said was just a-ok. He was over the moon after enjoying the Beef Goulash during the 1st leg that I guess it would really take a special dish to beat that.

Both flights were quick and turbulent-free. We barely noticed that we have been traveling for more than 3 hours thanks to the in-flight entertainment that got us both very busy. Finally, it was time to catch up on our favorite TV Shows and Movies.

The service was really good. I was just wondering why we weren't given any pack of nuts on both legs. I do remember enjoying those when I flew SQ to Hong Kong. Nonetheless, Singapore Airlines is now one of my favorite airlines and I can't wait to start booking my flights for 2015 with them.

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