Staying Connected : Globe Telecom P599 Data Roaming Plan

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Living in the digital age, I've come to appreciate the ease and convenience of the internet. People may say it's an addiction but really, time has change and its no longer the concept of being online just to play but rather being online to easily be reached by friends and family, to have access to information immediately and to make your life way way way easier. Much more when you live miles away from home. Having a fast-speed internet connection has really been a big help to ease all those sudden bouts of homesickness. It has allowed me to be updated on the daily happenings back home and vice versa. Somehow, technology and communication has narrowed the ocean-wide distance between me and my family.

globe data roaming
Since I've moved to the Lion City, I have kept two sim cards. One for me to use locally and another (my trusty Globe sim) for me to use when I'm in Manila. That said, I have pretty much mastered the art of switching sim cards from my phone at record speed. For my recent trip home though, I thought of using my Globe sim two days before I fly home. This is to allow my parents and sister to message me their last minute requests without having to spend so much on international messaging. 

Luckily, Globe Telecom has a good promotion where I can have a full day's worth of data roaming for only Php. 599. This was indeed music to my ears as I've had the unfortunate experience of being charged Php. 20,000 before when Paul and I went overseas for our honeymoon. Trust me, paying that large amount wasn't really something that we were expecting to do on the first month of our marriage. :-/ 

globe data roaming
So, no more shocking bills from now on and how the data roaming works is that as soon as you subscribe to it, Globe will automatically latch on to its partner carrier in that country. In my case, it was Singtel. I did a quick speedtest and while it may not be the highest that I've experienced here in the Lion City, it was pretty good for mobile use. 

Should you be traveling soon, don't forget to consider this cool deal for Globe Telecom's data roaming for only Php. 599. Here's the list of countries this package covers:

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