In Love with Bergs -- Gourmet Burgers, Singapore

"Can't this be love, I'm feeling right now..."

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It was just an ordinary late afternoon in Arab street where my colleague J and I were quickly walking around looking for a place to eat. We went there for an event which was about to start in 30 minutes so we weren't picky and just entered this empty non-air-conditioned restaurant thinking we will be able to order, eat, pay and leave. Little did we know that this place was Bergs -- Gourmet Burger, the one that I've been wanting to try for a year now! Now, isn't that called fate or perhaps destiny?

bergs 7
The menu was really interesting. There was a good mix of beef burgers, chicken burgers, a veggie (tofu) burger, a burger filled with falafel and even a fish burger. I caught a whiff of the beef patty being grilled in the kitchen so I went for the Berg with Cheese (S$14.50 Bergs size / S$11 small size). My colleague J went for the Porto Pollo (S$14.50 Bergs size / S$11 small size) which is a Peri-Peri-style Chicken Burger.

Service was quick as our burgers arrived within minutes. I love how it was well-wrapped that I didn't have to hold it with my bare hands. Perfect! The size was quite big considering we got the smaller size. I can't imagine how big the Bergs size would be. What happens next was pretty much life-changing. I took a careful bite on my burger and I just love how juicy and meaty the patty was. It was HEAVEN. Trust me, I'm not really a beef lover but I just can't help but tell J that my burger was really delicious. J also had the same happy experience with her Porto Pollo which was also very good according to her.

Going back to my burger, the prime beef patty was topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion (which I hope I should have asked to be taken out), aioli, the winning Bergs sauce and a slice of Edam Cheese. To be honest, I barely could taste the cheese so I should have just went for The Berg (S$12.50 Bergs size / S$10 small) which was their no-frills, honest-to-goodness basic burger. We inhaled our burgers in 15 minutes tops and quickly rushed over to our event venue.

bergs 2
I had a really good meal at Bergs that I couldn't stop thinking and talking about it. So, two days after that fateful first encounter, I visited Bergs again. This time I had my favorite food-loving people with me for support! The NKids had a nice Saturday dinner at Bergs in Far East Square and we happily enjoyed the 1-for-1 deal thanks to The Entertainer App. What a jackpot right? Being able to enjoy good food for only half the price. Woohoo!

Most of us came from the gym so we have somehow worked up an appetite for our burger feast. After going through the menu over and over again, I still got the Berg with Cheese. I know, I know! So boring right? It's just that I wasn't in the mood for bacon so that cancels out two options, nor was I craving for chicken, fish or veggie burgers. That leaves me with The Berg and Berg with Cheese. I went with the latter despite the tasteless cheese but this time hoping that it will be better. Paul ordered just the same too!

bergs 4
Normally, I'd be more adventurous in trying a new variant but I was really addicted to the juicy beef patty and basically everything that goes in the Berg with Cheese so I decided to do a 2nd take. No regrets though as it was just as good as the 1st time only I noticed that it was more filling making it bigger than I remembered it was. I love the perfect combination of the aoili sauce and the homemade Bergs sauce. I'm not quite sure exactly what it is but it really perks up the taste of the already-tasty burger even more.

bergs 3
The NKids tried the The BFB (S$20 Bergs size / S$17.50 small). It's a power-packed burger filled with 2 beef patties, streaky bacon, pineapple, egg, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli, Bergs sauce, and edam cheese. This is perfect for two people to share or one really hungry person. :)

bergs 8
Let me show you a cross-section of the burger. It's HUGE! It seems like C, I and O enjoyed their burgers so I can assume that it was good.

bergs 6
To go with our burgers,we ordered some sides. Paul and I shared a basket of Onion Rings (S$5) which we feel was just a-okay. These are not the real onion rings but rather it's closely similar to what Burger King sells only BK makes it better.

bergs 5
For all burgers, there's also an option to add S$4.50 to make it a full meal. This would then come with a drink and fries/onion rings too. These are Bergs' signature thick-cut fries. I'm not really crazy about it but it's what O and Paul enjoyed a lot of.

Two visits to Bergs in the span of 3 days! Woohoo! I am truly, madly, deeply in loveeee with Bergs. ♥ Till my next visit...soon!

Bergs is located at 137 Amoy Street, 01-01 Far East Square. They also have a branch at 10 Haji Lane and at 45 East Coast Road. 

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