12 at 12 Value Set Lunch at Ah Hoi's Kitchen, Singapore

My dear readers probably know by now how big a fan I am of discounts and 1-for-1s. Of course, this is truly the best way to dine out as we get to try more dishes for a fraction of the price. After all, I've come to accept the hard truth that money doesn't grow on trees so being hardworking, frugal and smart about saving and spending money is truly the way to go. Don't get me wrong, I would still indulge and splurge once in a while but nonetheless, I think real hard before going for it.

So, I just heard about the latest lunch promotion that Hotel Jen Tanglin recently launched. It's called 12 at 12 at Ah Hoi's Kitchen and this just got to be the best promotion that I've ever heard of! Imagine being able to have 12 different viands plus complimentary drink, soup and rice for only $12 nett! The promotion runs during lunch hour which is at 12 noon sharp. The best part is, for groups of 12, the 12th person gets a free meal!

Let me show you some of the viands that you'll be able to enjoy here at Ah Hoi's Kitchen:

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 8
We started with Soto Daging which was a mildly spicy beef soup. It was really yummy and the spice has successful awaken our taste buds ready for the feast ahead. The beef was very tender and was indeed a joy to have.

As for the main dishes, here are some of my favorites:

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 14
The Tahu Telur was the star of the night! It wasn't hard to see why --  Fried beancurd and egg drizzled with a sweet chili sauce. It was very light, the spicy level very tolerable and goes so well with the other viands too.

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 12
The Ayam Penyet (Fried Chicken in Spices Padang Style) was also a hit. I enjoyed the crispy deep-fried chicken and most especially the crunchy bits on top which I happily topped my rice with.

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 10
The Nangka Masak Lemak (Jackfruit in Spicy Coconut Milk) reminded me of the local Filipino Ginataang Langka only this was is the spicier version. You'll surely want to have a lot of rice to go with this dish.

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 2
Udang Sambal (Sambal Prawns) was also a good addition to our Nasi Padang feast. Of course, this is at Ah Hoi's Kitchen which boasts of having a lot of good seafood dishes. The prawns were very fresh as it has a crisp bite to it.

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 4
For fish lovers, you'll be delighted with the Ikan Tenggini Asam Pedas (Mackerel in Spicy Tamarind Chilli). Very similar to deep-fried tanigue that I used to have a lot of back home.

Those were my top 5 and let me share with you the others that Paul and our fellow diners enjoyed too:

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 15
Rojak (Fresh Fruit with Rojak Sauce)

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 1
Daging Masak Rasa Padang (Braised Beef Padang Style)

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 13
Kambing Kari Hijau (Lamb in Green Curry)

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 3
Kaki Babi Masak Cuka Hitam (Braised Pork Shank in Black Vinegar) 
this was very spicy so I steered clear of this. :P 

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 9
Goreng Kacang Perancis Dengan Udang Kering (Stir Fried French Beans with Dried Shrimp)

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 11
Bendi Rebus Cili Api (Boiled Lady Finger with Chili) 

Can you just imagine how full we all were about trying all 12 dishes? However, Chinese New Year is just around the corner so our friends at Ah Hoi's Kitchen didn't just stop at that. Out came the Poon Choi which was filled with 15 different ingredients and majority of which are really the best ingredients in the land! 

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 5
Take a peek at this huge bowl otherwise known as the Fortune BBF (Big Bowl Feast): it's filled with Black Moss (my favorite!), Premium Abalone, Superior Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Premium Dried Oyster, Roasted Pork, Fresh Prawn, Chicken, Yam (!), Beancurd, Lotus Root, Chinese Cabbage, Gingko Nuts, Golden Mushroom, Superior Mushroom all cooked in a rich and very flavorful conpoy (scallops) broth. Ohhh I loved the black moss, mushrooms and yam! Of course, I enjoyed the crunchy roasted pork and the fresh prawns as well. It was perfect timing to have this as a week ago, I was just telling Paul how much I miss having Poon Choi for Chinese New Year and we were already making plans of having this with our families back in Manila. Imagine how ecstatic I was when this was served to us that night. I was literally over the moon! 

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 6
Lastly, CNY celebration will never be complete here in the Lion City without tossing for luck! Yes, we had our first ever Lo Hei (Prosperity Toss) with Ah Hoi's Yee Sheng Salad with fresh salmon and crunchy fish skin too!

ah hoi's kitchen singapore 7
This will be our 3rd Chinese New Year spent in Singapore may this year bring in more luck and good fortune not only for us but for everyone around us too (you guys included, of course ♥)!

There you have it! Ah Hoi's Kitchen's 12 at 12 promotion is indeed the best lunch option in town. There's no limit to the number of diners per set. This means you can also go and have lunch alone and you'll get to enjoy smaller portions of all these 12 viands plus rice, soup and drink! What a great deal, don't you think?

Visit Ah Hoi's Kitchen at the 4th level of Hotel Jen Tanglin, 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore. It's right beside Tanglin Mall. Call them at 6831-4373. 

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