Beauty Stop: Pond's Flawless White and Pure White

After more than a month-long of blogging hiatus, I am finally back and here I am attending my first ever blogger's event together with my fellow Lifestyle and the top Beauty bloggers in the blogosphere.

It was an invitation from Pond's, the one and only facial product that I believe in and I've been using since I was still in Grade School, with that how can I say no? I love this product so much that I was pretty lucky to be rewarded with a romantic dinner for two a month before our BIG day.

The event was held at the beautiful Manila Peninsula Hotel.

We were led to a function room where we were given a short briefing about the two exciting new product of the brand...

Presenting Pond's Flawless White Blemish Prevention UV Cream.

This is one product that caught my attention as I have been forever hoping that my freckles, brought about by regular exposure to the sun during my younger days, would go away. I've also been very conscious about going under the sun now that I am very much aware of the dangers of what UV rays can do to our skin. I love using sunblock but I do not like the sticky feeling that my SPF 70 lotion gives. With the new Pond's Flawless White Blemish Prevention UV Cream, we are assured that it's very light, it's not sticky and best of all it has just the right amount of cover-up that we need to protect us under the sun. I love it that it smells really good too.

The next product is more interesting... it actually involved a little chemistry project that we were fortunate to get our hands on.

The Pond's Pure White with Activated Carbon promises to deeply clean your face as this is more porous and will be able to remove all the dirt and oil from your face. It's amazing that even with 6 types of facial cleansers, Pond's continues to innovate and seek for the best variety to suit our needs.

To show how well Activated Carbon can clean our face, we were asked to pour a good amount of inked water into two beakers.

After which, we added three spoonfuls of activated carbon into one beaker and to mix this thoroughly. Following this, we poured the water into their respective cups covered with filter paper.

As we watched the water drip slowly, we noticed that the one with activated carbon had clear water dripping down while the other one had a purplish water. It was amazing!

Just was we thought that was it, Pond's surprised us with a dainty pink box filled with samples of these two new products for us to try ourselves! Yahoo!

Sharing with you some photos from last night's event:
Fashion blogger Lace and Beauty blogger Shen

Pretty Beauty bloggers Soph, Jheng and Nikki

Lifestyle Mommy blogger Rowena happy with her Pond's box

Bloggers all lined up :)

Pond's is widely distributed in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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