Playing the OREO Game!

Here's something you and your kids can do at home to liven up your day. Try the OREO online game which you can access at

Here are the two games that you can play:

Twist, Lick and Dunk!

The challenge is to drag the corresponding blocks to the correct empty box labeled with a "?"

This is a perfect hand and eye coordination game where you have to make sure you can easily navigate your mouse around the screen.

OREO bonding puzzle

Given various items found on the screen, you have to be able to click on the corresponding pieces following the conversation between the mom and her child. The goal is to get both mom and child on the table to enjoy their pack of OREO as they Twist, Lick and Dunk!

This game may be a bit tricky but as soon as you get the pattern, it is very fun and interesting to play. This is actually my favorite game in the site!

Check out these fun online OREO games over at!

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