Petronas : Twin Towers of Steel (Photo Essay)

Man is truly a genius, creating beautiful works of art that makes this world a pretty place to live in.

All day these towers stand tall above the leafy greens as if to serve as a guide to the lost travelers making their way.

In the afternoon, it opens its doors to a thousand employees as they make their way home. Around it joggers enjoy the steady pace as they go round and round the landscaped path.

But what I love most is in the evening when the towers glistened in the dark sky as if covered by tiny diamonds all over.

The Petronas Towers is the 5th tallest building in the world following The Barj in Dubai and Taipei 101 in Taiwan. It is truly a majestic structure that makes Malaysia so proud of. This is definitely a must-see spot for every tourist visiting Kuala Lumpur.

To get there: It is a 5 minutes walk from the Raja Chulan monorail station where you have to get to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, follow the directions towards the park that will lead you straight to the Petronas and to Suria KLCC. 


  1. Haven't been to Malaysia but seeing your pics here makes me want to go na!

  2. hi! may I know how you went to Petronas? I'll be in KL this February, we will be staying at Novotel too.. :) This is our first time (me and my mom) in KL. :D and if you don't mind, how's the breakfast in Novotel? our booking has free breakfast but not sure if it's buffet. And did you go to Aquaria? Were planning to include it in our itinerary :D for kind reply :D ty

  3. hi Carla!

    Actually the Petronas/KLCC/Suria is just within walking distance from Novotel :) you can ask any one of their receptionist to guide you where to go. it's just at the back and you have to go through KLCC (where Aquaria is) to get to the park and then to the Petronas Towers :)

    Unfortunately we did not avail of breakfast so I wasn't able to try their breakfast :)

    Yup we went to Aquaria you can check my blog about it here :)


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