Spotted: Frannywanny in Blog-O-Rama!

Today was a happy Monday!

While going through my long list of things to do, I was surprised to come across an email alert telling me that my interview with AJ has been published at the Manila Bulletin's Tech Section today. AJ is a columnist of the Manila Bulletin's popular section called Blog-o-Rama and I am privileged to be interviewed by her.

While it might be to late for ya'll to grab a copy of the paper today, I'd like to share with you excerpts from the said interview here:

Click here to read my full Blog-o-Rama feature!

Note: It was also the first time I was officially referred to as Frances Haw-Ang. *woot*
Q. If your blog were food, what would it be and why?
A. Definitely colorful platter of sushi! It always has serving of fresh stories, a colorful array of experiences and it is something people will keep craving for :)

Q. What was the best experience you've had as a blogger?
A. Definitely getting to know my readers -- I started blogging thinking I am just writing for myself. It sounds pretty self-serving really but after seeing comments from people I do not know personally brings a different warmth to my heart knowing that my writing has successfully went beyond the four corners of my home and into the lives of others as well. I enjoy meeting them, having readers coming up to me to say hello. It's amazing that they also know Paul (my husband) as I regularly mention him in my entries. I would tease him that I've made him an online celebrity! haha.
Once again, thank you AJ!!! *hugs*

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