Bloggers in the Limelight: Jean and Rosz

A blogger is also a blog-hopper.

I do this every single day where in I pop in and out of my fellow blogger's site updating myself on their food adventures, fashion and beauty finds and basically their day-to-day life. While most of the ones listed in my browser's bookmark tab consists that of fellow food and travel bloggers website, one continues to stand out as this is actually the only fashion blog that I regularly follow.

Meet Jean and Rosz.

I am a fan of accessories and I love browsing through photos of the hippest and cutest bracelets, necklaces and cocktail rings against their crisp white background. I love how they would post magazine photos of celebrities wearing the latest accessories and guess what, they actually have these available for sale! They boasts to be the first blog on trend spotting and I'd have to save they are pretty good at it. It surely is amazing that these two girls really have to nose and eyes for the latest trends.
I actually had the privilege to interview Jean and Rosz a couple of months ago, read it below and they actually have a HUGE surprise for YOU!

Frannywanny: Who are Jean and Rosz?

Jean: Jean and Rosz are best friends from way back in high school. We are different in so many ways but has one thing in common -- our love for all things beautiful! And through Jean & Rosz the brand, we are able to share that with everyone.

Rosz: "Jean & Rosz" is our usual selves sharing our passion in the excessively fun side of fashion. Accessorizing.

Frannywanny: What inspired you to start this trend-setting blog?

Jean: We got inspired because there's no trend-spotting blog yet that focuses on accessories here in the Philippines. Through our blog we talk about different fashion trends esp. on accessories and try to make them available locally.

Rosz: In the country today, a lot of beauty, fashion and food blogs have developed.  I thought why not discuss usual topics with a twist of incorporating accessory elements.  Not just fashion accessories but anything accessory that captures my fancy, whether it would be for home, for the body, the car or even for the parks.  I think of weird things all the time like how did the inventor of fork designed such a thing, or how safari has transformed to a well-known dress print to bangle, and i thought i could share these in our accessory trend spotting blog.

Frannywanny: If you were to style anyone in this world, who would it be and why?

Jean: Mariah Carey because I admit I like her music but I think she could dress so much better to make her look sexy and classy at the same time.

Rosz: Lately, i've been contemplating on whether lady gaga would allow me to play with her, but definitely, Madonna.

Frannywanny: Describe your personal fashion preference?

Jean: I actually don't have a particular fashion preference because I usually dress according to my mood. Fashion is fun so I experiment with my looks a lot!

Rosz: I like anything basic but with a modern twist, I love fashion elements that are strikingly noticeable but never over the top.  I love fashion from the 1920's and the 1950's, if only i could live in it.

Frannywanny: Tell us about your dream shopping trip? Where would this be and share where you will be shopping and what you will be buying? 

Jean: My dream shopping trip will be at Christie's in New York or London to bid and be able to buy some of their bling! I always loved jewelries and I drool over their pieces, for me they have some of the finest jewels in the world. I remember that my childhood dream was to have my own jewelry store so that i can have endless choices of jewelries to wear everyday! =)

Rosz: I don't really shop but i loooove looking around because I always know exactly what I want.  But my dream shopping trip is literally a "dream" in which i will be given a certain time frame, say 30 minutes in 5th Avenue in New York, Canton Road in Hk, Champs Elysees in Paris and rush to get all the bags, watches and diamonds that i want.

After which, I will use it for a while and auction them to set-up an organization which can send less-fortunate kids to school.  That way, there is lesser guilt in loving these frivolous things, at least i get to help.haha.  Can you just imagine the adrenaline rush in that 30 mins? Add also the exhiliration I would get once these kids earn their degrees.  That for me is my definition of a shopping spree.

Frannywanny: In 5 words: what makes your blog different?

Jean: We are accessory trend-spotters

Rosz: We're not unique, we're genuine.


Jean and Rosz will raffle off 5 exciting prizes :
Jean and Rosz Nylon Necklace

Jean and Rosz Double Wing Necklace

Jean and Rosz Earring

Neutrogena Ultrasheer Waterlight

Neutrogena Ultrasheer Sunblock

How to win any of these prizes:
1) Leave me a comment and answer this question -- "Who's your favorite fashion icon and is there a particular fashion trend that you love?"

2) Kindly include your name and email address to make it easier for me to contact you.

3) Lastly, subscribe to Jean and Rosz' mailing list to get fresh updates on the latest trends!

Jean and Rosz will help me choose the five lucky winners and we'll send the products straight to your doorstep!

This contest will run from August 8- 29, 2010! The list of winners will be published right after.

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