Bloggers in the Limelight: Jean and Rosz

A blogger is also a blog-hopper.

I do this every single day where in I pop in and out of my fellow blogger's site updating myself on their food adventures, fashion and beauty finds and basically their day-to-day life. While most of the ones listed in my browser's bookmark tab consists that of fellow food and travel bloggers website, one continues to stand out as this is actually the only fashion blog that I regularly follow.

Meet Jean and Rosz.

I am a fan of accessories and I love browsing through photos of the hippest and cutest bracelets, necklaces and cocktail rings against their crisp white background. I love how they would post magazine photos of celebrities wearing the latest accessories and guess what, they actually have these available for sale! They boasts to be the first blog on trend spotting and I'd have to save they are pretty good at it. It surely is amazing that these two girls really have to nose and eyes for the latest trends.
I actually had the privilege to interview Jean and Rosz a couple of months ago, read it below and they actually have a HUGE surprise for YOU!

Frannywanny: Who are Jean and Rosz?

Jean: Jean and Rosz are best friends from way back in high school. We are different in so many ways but has one thing in common -- our love for all things beautiful! And through Jean & Rosz the brand, we are able to share that with everyone.

Rosz: "Jean & Rosz" is our usual selves sharing our passion in the excessively fun side of fashion. Accessorizing.

Frannywanny: What inspired you to start this trend-setting blog?

Jean: We got inspired because there's no trend-spotting blog yet that focuses on accessories here in the Philippines. Through our blog we talk about different fashion trends esp. on accessories and try to make them available locally.

Rosz: In the country today, a lot of beauty, fashion and food blogs have developed.  I thought why not discuss usual topics with a twist of incorporating accessory elements.  Not just fashion accessories but anything accessory that captures my fancy, whether it would be for home, for the body, the car or even for the parks.  I think of weird things all the time like how did the inventor of fork designed such a thing, or how safari has transformed to a well-known dress print to bangle, and i thought i could share these in our accessory trend spotting blog.

Frannywanny: If you were to style anyone in this world, who would it be and why?

Jean: Mariah Carey because I admit I like her music but I think she could dress so much better to make her look sexy and classy at the same time.

Rosz: Lately, i've been contemplating on whether lady gaga would allow me to play with her, but definitely, Madonna.

Frannywanny: Describe your personal fashion preference?

Jean: I actually don't have a particular fashion preference because I usually dress according to my mood. Fashion is fun so I experiment with my looks a lot!

Rosz: I like anything basic but with a modern twist, I love fashion elements that are strikingly noticeable but never over the top.  I love fashion from the 1920's and the 1950's, if only i could live in it.

Frannywanny: Tell us about your dream shopping trip? Where would this be and share where you will be shopping and what you will be buying? 

Jean: My dream shopping trip will be at Christie's in New York or London to bid and be able to buy some of their bling! I always loved jewelries and I drool over their pieces, for me they have some of the finest jewels in the world. I remember that my childhood dream was to have my own jewelry store so that i can have endless choices of jewelries to wear everyday! =)

Rosz: I don't really shop but i loooove looking around because I always know exactly what I want.  But my dream shopping trip is literally a "dream" in which i will be given a certain time frame, say 30 minutes in 5th Avenue in New York, Canton Road in Hk, Champs Elysees in Paris and rush to get all the bags, watches and diamonds that i want.

After which, I will use it for a while and auction them to set-up an organization which can send less-fortunate kids to school.  That way, there is lesser guilt in loving these frivolous things, at least i get to help.haha.  Can you just imagine the adrenaline rush in that 30 mins? Add also the exhiliration I would get once these kids earn their degrees.  That for me is my definition of a shopping spree.

Frannywanny: In 5 words: what makes your blog different?

Jean: We are accessory trend-spotters

Rosz: We're not unique, we're genuine.


Jean and Rosz will raffle off 5 exciting prizes :
Jean and Rosz Nylon Necklace

Jean and Rosz Double Wing Necklace

Jean and Rosz Earring

Neutrogena Ultrasheer Waterlight

Neutrogena Ultrasheer Sunblock

How to win any of these prizes:
1) Leave me a comment and answer this question -- "Who's your favorite fashion icon and is there a particular fashion trend that you love?"

2) Kindly include your name and email address to make it easier for me to contact you.

3) Lastly, subscribe to Jean and Rosz' mailing list to get fresh updates on the latest trends!

Jean and Rosz will help me choose the five lucky winners and we'll send the products straight to your doorstep!

This contest will run from August 8- 29, 2010! The list of winners will be published right after.


  1. wow nice accessories....

    My fashion icon is Grace Kelly..

    I love the 60's fashion- classic, chic and very elegant..

    Jona Alforque

  2. galing, late ako, makikisali ako fran, support kita :)
    "Who's your favorite fashion icon and is there a particular fashion trend that you love?" -->alexander McQueen simply because he is the best in what he do :)

    Joanne Gonzales

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  4. international- i really love the elegant and classy style of nicole kidman, she just has pure elegance.

    local-I love Daphne Osena-Paez-- Classic!!

    One particular fashion trend that I love is anything striped... I see lots of stripe, not only on wonderful nautical knit tops, but dresses, handbags, and even shoes... Easy to mix and match with different outfits.I love it!! Just use a very simple classical nautical striped top, and mixed it up with a long button cardigan, and flare a-line skirt ... The results - a chic casual look.
    my email address is

  5. My favorite fashion trend has to be knee-high socks! They can make a simple top-and-shorts ensemble look more interesting, plus they do a great job of keeping your legs warm when it's cold and rainy.

    I'm already subscribed to Jean and Rosz's blog, that's how I got here. :)

    laurendado at gmail dot com

  6. I ultimately love Audrey Hepburn,,

    I love how she wore black dresses with class and style.

    Good thing the 50's style are back!!

    And the necklaces are cute..


  7. Thanks for sharing their site, I'm now a fan!
    I don't have one icon or trend that I follow since I dress based on my mood and occasion. I love the styles of:
    Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O., Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba.
    They sum up what I like which is clean, classic, feminine yet slightly funky and casual.


  8. So nice to meet you last night, Fran! And so cute that we had a common something :)

    Oh and so fun to eat ice cream with ya!

  9. hi, posted a link on my site nice contest...

  10. I admire Coco Chanel's style. Classic and elegant but always with flair! I love that beautiful and polished vibe she exudes.

    The particular fashion trend that I like are leggings. They are so comfy, I don't like to wear jeans anymore. I love them in basic black and even those embellished pieces. :)

    Helen Blas

  11. My fashion icon would have to be Lauren Bacall. Her simple yet chic style has set the tone for what everyone calls "classic" nowadays. The tailored shirts + crisp skirts paired with little to no make-up/jewelry put emphasis on the face and the wardrobe itself.

    Dash A. Estefani

  12. My favorite fashion trend are skinny jeans! They make you look long, lean and sexy. They make your butt look hot as well. What girl wouldn't want that?

    Tin Valderrama

  13. One of my favorite is angel aquino..simple,elegant and very filipina..
    I go for mix and match..look for smart fashion buys and maximize the items that i already have, i usually shop at my own give new life into old clothes.

    rose concepcion

  14. I'm joining. I always admire, Princess Diana because of her great fashion sense. Her fashion is simple but elegant and she is also well loved and most photographed.

    melandria romero

  15. love angel aquino too. i keep watching her primetime soap and see more of her style.
    i'm currently into white stuff, anything white to as to achieve the zen effect. i just add color with my shoes, or my bag, or my nails! i keep other (color) accessories to the minimum so as not to mar the over-all effect.

    rlyn six8

  16. Hi fran

    My fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn & Daphne Osena-Paez. Both are classy & simply-elegant - basic & style are the key points.

    Karnie Simbulan

  17. I don't know if you can already call her a fashion "icon" (maybe not just yet) but I love Reese Witherspoon's sense of style - young and classy, simple yet elegant.

    I love the 50's look - girly-girly stuff, pretty dresses, balloon skirts, pastel colors.

    Vivian Aguilar

  18. lady gaga the style

    jbiadog at yahoo dot com


  19. wow, thanks for giving us the opportunity to join in your contest.

    I like Wilma Doesnt. She can can carry herself the best way she can to become a good model :-)

    I love to wear simple but classy clothes.

    Maricar Losantas

  20. My fave fashion icon is Carrie Bradshaw, a Sex and the City character of Sarah Jessica Parker. I love the way she confidently ushers her way to finding love. Her character is an amazing woman!

    For my fashion trend? I say that am more of shirt and jeans girl. But on some occasions, I pair my usual shirt/jeans with my knee-high killer black boots. I love boots and I feel so "controlling" when am in them.

  21. oh i forgot my email address, it's at fedoran at theblackffedorablog dot com

  22. Blair Wardolf from Gossip Girl, her accessories definitely accentuates her classic and chic ensembles. I'm into pearls, it instantly brightens up your face and can be paired with most outfits

    Jaine de Guzman

  23. Not only is she my favorite singer, she's also my favorite fashion icon. She's Gwen Stefani. I like her individuality and eclectic style. She's not afraid to wear what she wants and makes weird looking clothes look interesting and sexy. She has also evolved into an elegant woman who people always take notice of in the red carpet.

    With regards to fashion trends, I love wearing off shoulder T-shirt dresses paired with tights, leggings or skinny jeans. It doesn't only look sexy (without exposing too much skin), it's also comfortable and casual.


  24. Avril Lavigne rocks! I like her young grungy style and I too love to experiment with make-up with a dash of emo/gothic style.

    Love chunky bangles! They heighten my usual get-up, which isn't much for a teen on a budget :) Loved reading your post about those!

    daea-roble has subscribed to your e-posts! daeaSR gmail com

  25. Im a fan of Lea Salonga's style. Very trendy and casual for me. Even her hair is simply gorgeous. Definitely my fashion Icon.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  26. My fashion icon is Reese Witherspoon

    Even if she was wearing such a simple ensemble, you cannot help but notice the star quality that is Reese! I just love LOVE her.

    When it comes to fashion trends,I love wearing jewelries,jeans and white tops.

    Cat mendoza

  27. Hey Fran. This is the first "blog promo" i've joined :p try lang :)

    All Time Fashion Icon - Audrey Hepburn. Classic (I like Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham too)
    Favorite Fashion Trend - Flat Shoes, boots and Hats

    Golda P.

  28. Can I nominate a style icon whose fashion sense I like? I really love it when I watch CSI Miami and see the sunglass poses and shade styles of Horatio Caine (portrayed by David Caruso). I super love it when he strikes a pose during a very dramatic scene or when finding a very crucial evidence which makes it all very suspenseful!

    That's why I am so into collecting sunglasses and shades of different styles and colors. I even have a couple of bf shades, for men exactly :) They're the perfect accessory in day time, I swear... It's a fashion trend I'll never tire of.

    please let hidburn ecra-mil win. in dire need of a great sunblock, wink! wink!

    Subscribed to Jean & Rosz' mailing list!

  29. I'm joining! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Classic and timeless, Audrey Hepburn and Daphne Osena-Paez, are my favorite fashion icons. Their styles breathe confidence, poise, sophistication and natural grace.

    I go for the comfy smart-fashion look where I can mix-and-match pieces of clothing. I particularly enjoy those flat shoes, fashionable belts and oversized sunnies. I also love those tutu skirt fashion for my daughter :)

    Czaroma Roman
    cza[dot]roman at yahoo dot com

    Subscribed to Jean & Rosz mailing list.

  30. I'm a fan of Lucy Torres-Gomez. I love her all-chic and elegant style.

    I love wearing timeless, mix and match ensembles.

    emiliana.sison AT

  31. "Who's your favorite fashion icon and is there a particular fashion trend that you love?"

    1. Audrey Hepburn, Heart Evangelista, Anne Curtis :)

    2. Fashion Trend: Elie Saab's style! ;) Timeless/classy fashion! :)

    MM Yu


  32. Fave fashion icon - Sandra Bullock! She's my fave HW actress too! I think she takes laid-back to another level! Her laid-back fashion exudes a girl-next-door aura but still speaks composed elegance - be it in movies, on the red carpet, running errands, in an interview.. And her perfect accessory - a sparkling smile which is contagious! She's such a darling. Go Sandy!

    Fave fashion trend - lovely neckpieces :) Love to flaunt the decolletage/neckline and show off the sexy neck curves. I feel beautiful and sensuous when I have a necklace on, it seems the world is at your beck and call, with one subtle arching of your head :)

    Love your necklaces here, but also envy the sunblock ;) Subscribed ;)
    torque beverlyc | iamtorque15 at gmail dot com

  33. My favorite fashion icon would have to be J to the L to the O!!! It's J.LO!!! :) I already admired her punk but sexy, cool but witty personality since I was 13. Her outfits look really plain and simple but when she wears them, they transform into something nice and adorable and gorgeous! :) She knows how and when to accessorize -- never overdoing it. Also, she is comfortable with how she looks like, even though she's in the voluptuous category. Lastly, she exudes that much confidence which really makes her standout among everyone else. :)

    There's really no fashion trend that I drool over because fashion trends have this termination period wherein they're so in today and become so out tomorrow. I guess everything that fits me and makes me happy and comfortable fall under my own definition of a fashion trend. :)

    Melanie Magno

  34. My fashion idol is Dyan Castillejo. Her style is sporty, elegant and refreshing. She can go from a sports event, to a resto opening, to news anchoring, and so much more.. And still appear fab and glam, even in 2pc swimwear! So I'm into multipurpose wear and believe in mixing and matching one's wardrobe. Love how a jacket or pair of shoes make a difference from day to night wear.
    kahodin ritchie is at kahodin (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. And may I just add the earrings up for grabs are just so Dyan-esque.. Can't resist saying so, lol.

  36. Thank you to all those who joined!! we will be going through your entries and will announce the winners shortly! :) Now closing this contest.

    - Fran

  37. Thank you to all those who joined!! we will be going through your entries and will announce the winners shortly! :) Now closing this contest.

    - Fran

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