Merry merry Marrybrown

I first saw Marrybrown at the exit of the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) of the Kuala Lumpur Airport. Initially, we expected it to be a local fast food offering Malaysian dishes. What we didn't know was Marrybrown could actually rival Col. Sanders's crispy delicious fried chicken.

Yep! Marrybrown is a Malaysian fast food specializing in fried chicken and a lot more. Of course, we were in Malaysia and so we had to try something different. I was so hooked to Nasi Lemak the entire time that I was in Singapore. Oh how I love the taste of rice cooked in rich coconut milk. It has been my morning guilty indulgence. No matter how much I've tried, I couldn't seem to stop. Mix this with salty anchovies and peanuts, I was in food heaven. :)

Scanning the board of Marrybrown, I noticed that they have Nasi Lemak (RM 8.90) as part of their line-up. Of course, they use fried chicken this time. I didn't mind and got this with additional chicken (RM 6.05) to share with Paul.

We both enjoyed our meal, I love the coconut rice with my crispy chicken thighs while Paul commented how juicy it was. It was very much comparable to our very own Jollibee Chicken Joy only they have managed to make it less oily thus less the guilt. The serving was big enough for us to share.

We quickly finished our meal and stood up to give other a chance to grab our table. I guess Malaysians love Marrybrown as the store was filled at any given time of the day.

Trivia: Marrybrown already have branches not only in Malaysia but in UAE, Dubai and India. I wonder when will they reach the Philippine shores? :)

Click here to visit Marrybrown's Official Website.

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