Discovering Wee Nam Kee

While having lunch with our friend HK during our first day in Singapore, we asked him where's the best place to have Chicken Rice and he immediately answered "Wee Nam Kee".

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a staple and is probably one of those dishes that made Singapore very popular in the foodie world. Visit any hawker center can you'll definitely see a stall selling Hainanese Chicken Rice.

My sister and I also grew up loving Hainanese Chicken Rice. I love the oily ginger sauce and my Chicken Rice will never be complete without it. My sister, on the other hand, adds a touch of chili sauce before enjoying her piece of chicken.

We planned to meet up with our Singapore-based friends and I wanted to make sure that we'll be able to feast over good food as this will be our continuous wedding celebration with them. Following HK's recommendation, I left them all a message to meet up with us at Wee Nam Kee, boy was I excited!

It was not difficult to locate Wee Nam Kee, simply take the MRT and get off at the Novena Station. Walk towards the Novena Church and cross the high overpass. Wee Nam Kee is a couple of steps away from the overpass. We arrived a little before 7 and once again, the place was packed. Since we were a big group, it took a while for the Auntie (this is what they call the elder restaurant servers and stall owners) to get us a table. This was totally fine as we were still waiting for most of our friends to arrive.

While waiting, Auntie handed the menu to us which we began to browse over. Not wanting to wait any longer, we reserved a whole chicken consisting of half roasted and half white chicken. I also got a large plate of Cereal Prawns as this is also one thing they're known for and an order of Satay Leafy Greens.

The moment our table was available, Auntie began to briskly bring out our orders which was perfect timing as almost everyone has arrived.

As soon as everyone got a plate of Chicken Rice, we began to dig in. In between chitchats, getting-to-know-one-another and major catching up, we enjoyed each dish which really made our dinner truly enjoyable.

First off was the Wee Nam Kee Chicken. I personally liked the Crispy Roasted Chicken which was different from the other Chicken Rice that I've had for the past days. The skin was very crisp and yet they kept the meat very juicy. No need to dip in any sauce as it was very flavorful when enjoyed on its own.

The Cereal Prawns was another winning dish. Quite on the pricey side as compared to the other dishes in the menu, I was still glad that I got this as everyone enjoyed the crunchy cereal-coated prawns which were huge by the way. It was so crunchy that you can actually eat the entire thing and not be afraid of having the shell prick your gums.

Lastly, I made it a point to offer a healthy option to our friends who wanted a balance meal. The Satay Watercress was something that I've never tasted before. Sure we usually have watercress (kangkong) at home but it is normally just sauteed in oil and garlic. Singaporeans love spicy dishes and this one was mixed with satay sauce with a hint of chili to give that spicy kick.

Dinner was very relaxing and it was so nice to finally see my dear friends again. We sure hope that they enjoyed our Wee Nam Kee dinner as much as Paul and I did.
Delicious food + wonderful company = Definitely a perfect combination!

Wee Nam Kee is located at 275 Thomson Road, Novena Ville, Singapore (Opposite Novena Church). They're open from 10am to 12mn.

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