Omakase again and again

I remember days before the wedding, I found myself majorly craving for Omakase. Oh how my mouth waters at the thought of its creamy Uni Sashimi and crunchy Seafood Dumplings. Since our schedule has been hectic and we left the country shortly after our BIG day, it took me a while to be reunited with my favorite Japanese dishes.

When my good friend A invited me out to dinner to catch up and plan for her upcoming wedding, I suggested that we go to Omakase as nothing beats bonding with your friend over good food.

We were both hungry that evening that we ordered a feast!

I began with my favorite Uni Sashimi, which I requested that they served extra chilled as recommended by my sister -- a fellow Uni lover. Since A does not eat raw food, she allowed me to indulge and enjoy the plate the Uni all by myself. I love you A! :) As usual, Omakase's Uni is one of the best that I've tasted so far, it's so creamy and it does not have a slimey texture that can become pretty overwhelming at times.

A played it safe and got the California Maki. I love how packed each bite-sized maki is that makes us feel that this sushi choice is truly worth it. How I wish though that they can add more kani and make the cucumber slice smaller.

As mentioned earlier, we were both hungry thus not even a bowl of Donburi is enough to satiate our hunger. I took A's lead who got the Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box that is complete with a bowl of Miso Soup, four extra pieces of California Maki, a good serving of Chicken Teriyaki, lots of garlic rice and some fried seafood on the side.

On top of this, your bento box experience ends with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. How's that for a sweet ending?

We were very full from our bento box that I was surprised we still had room from the Seafood Dumplings that I got for A to try. I'm glad that she liked it. Yay! Another Seafood Dumpling convert-in-the-making!

I guess this is the secret to a wonderful and long-lasting friendship with A (we have been friends since 5th grade!)... regular bonding and catching up over good food! How time flies! It's amazing to see that we are no longer 5th graders struggling over swimming class but rather two grown women who have luckily met the loves of our lives.

Omakase has four branches: Greenhills Carpark (beside Globe Telecom), Alabang, Libis and Tomas Morato.

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