Lighting a Candle : August 23, 2010

Lighting a candle for Peace

Today was a very sad day not only for the Philippines but for everyone in the world as a 10 hour hostage-taking happened at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila where a tourist bus filled with Hong Kong visitors heading towards the Manila Ocean Park was hijacked by an ex-policeman by the name Rolando Mendoza.

The hostage drama had a very bloody end as the SWAT team has successfully killed the hostage-taker however found seven other passengers dead.

Read CNN news here

This is currently the talk of the town as Filipinos grieve for the victims of this brutal incident. We are one with the families of these Hong Kong passengers.

As a result, the Hong Kong government has just issued a travel ban to the Philippines warning its locals to avoid all travel to our country for the moment.

I hope and pray that our government can tighten our security and make the Philippines a safer place to live in.

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