Lunch Time : Cuerva's Mango Torte

I enjoy lunch breaks spent with my colleagues. Aside from the hour-long chatter and laughter, nothing beats enjoying delicious desserts like this:

Mango Torte by Cuerva Bakeshop

I've been a fan of Dulcelin's Mango Torte and I love it that a distribution point is just minutes away from my home. It's literally just a phone call away. However, I've been hearing about another Mango Torte that can easily rival Dulcelin's because it's pretty good too!

I was fortunate to be able to enjoy a slice of this much-talked-about Mango Torte the other day and here's what I think...

I love it that the mango balls stays soft even after putting this in the freezer overnight. It is very sweet and cold making each bite very pleasant. The meringue crust is very thin and crisp. I love the nutty texture that makes a great contrast to the soft, juicy mango balls.

While I have yet to try more of this and perhaps have another round of Dulcelin's to say which one is the better Mango Torte, for now I am glad to have tried this after hearing a dozen raves from friends and readers telling me to give Cuerva's Mango Torte a try.

The next time I find myself in Makati, I know exactly where to get myself a delicious cake to enjoy.

Cuerva Bakeshop is located at 26 Hidalgo Street, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City. Call them at 817-0200 / 817-6286.

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