Kuala Lumpur: Where to Go

Kuala Lumpur is every shopaholic and cultural fan's mecca, the city is bustling with malls, skyscrapers and food alleys. While we were not able to travel out of Kuala Lumpur during our 5 days stay, we decided to make the most of loving the city and enjoying everything that it can offer to its visitors.

Jalan Bukit Bintang

Ask anyone who has been to Kuala Lumpur and this will definitely be part of their list of must-visit. This is Kuala Lumpur's answer to Singapore's Orchard Road or Hong Kong's Causeway Bay.

Starting from the Pavillion Mall which is a high end mall that houses an IMAX theater, spas, a fitness gym and more than a hundred retail stores. I love the mix of stores and food establishments which makes it very relaxing to stroll around. This is also the closest mall to our hotel thus we found ourselves visiting Pavillion every single day during our Kuala Lumpur stay.

Just across the Pavillion, there's the Starhill Mall which also has a number of luxury brands. Unfortunately, we were not able to check this mall out during our visit. We, however, proceeded to Lot 10 that has the first ever National Geographic store in Malaysia.

A short walk from Lot 10, you'll end up at Sungei Wang where you can go shoe-gaga at Vincci, the local brand of Malaysia that is very popular as VNC elsewhere. The shoes are very cheap here and be ready to patiently browse through every racks of shoes to find your perfect set of pairs. Sungei Wang is your budget mall that has a lot of discount stores. It is very similar to our local Virra Mall where there are a lot of stalls where you can haggle, haggle and haggle.

Jalan Alor

A street parallel to Jalan Bukit Bintang, we found a long alley filled with food stalls selling local favorites and a lot more. The stalls open late in the afternoon as it really attracts the dinner customers in Kuala Lumpur. This discovery began with a search for crispy grilled bacon that we were told this city is known for. The fastest way to locate Jalan Alor is to walk towards the Bukit Bintang Triangle and to look for the nearest KFC store. From there turn right and you'll see a long row of food stalls that will surely tickle your fancy.

We arrived just in time for dinner and so we decided to have our meal there. The servings are big and unfortunately this makes it difficult for us to order knowing that we won't be able to finish a huge plate of seafood. Thus, we resorted to ordering a plate of Chicken Rice for me and Roasted Pork for Paul. All these for just MYR 12.60 (approx. $3.84)!

You can also enjoy a view of the KL Tower from this road. 

This is definitely one place I would love to go back to shall I return to Kuala Lumpur.

Jalan Petaling

Paul and I have a funny habit of visiting the Chinatown of every country that we visit. Of course, this was part of our itinerary in Kuala Lumpur. The direction to Jalan Petaling, KL's Chinatown, was unclear to us at first but thanks to the friendly locals who told us to take the monorail and to get off at Maharajalela. From the base of the station, we took a short walk and soon we found the famous Chinatown arch.

Jalan Petaling is a famous night market that has a lot of stalls selling clothes, imitation goods and timepieces. Here you can put your haggling skills to the test. Just a word of advice, be sure to visit the loo before heading to Jalan Petaling as it can be pretty challenging to find an available washroom in this long stretch of retail stalls (believe us!).

These are the three major roads that are definitely a must-visit on your trip to Kuala Lumpur. A definite must-visit that will definitely give more color to your Malaysian experience.

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