The APPLE of my eye

Call it impulse's actually the best type of purchase ever done when you just instantly fall deeply in love with a particular item the moment you lay your eyes on it. It's the new age way of love at first sight.

Thanks to my dear husband who gives in to my occasional impulsive shopping behavior and who sits through my lengthy speeches of justifying "why I needed that particular object of desire"..and mind you, I will not stop still he says YES. I am indeed a lucky girl.

ipod touch

Today was a happy day as I came home and was greeted with a small rectangular plastic case that contains my newest baby! It's my new 32GB iPod Touch and it's finally home!!

This will be my newest travel buddy as it will not only save me from boredom but will be our guide as we navigate our way around town.

ipod touch
Truly, the APPLE of my eye


  1. Congrats Fran! Is that the 4th gen already? :)

  2. wow!! i waaaaant din nyan kaso namamahalan pa ko hahaha! *kuripot mode ON* :D

  3. thanks madz!! yup 4th generation already!! woohooo!! :)

    @dyanie: 13k lang sis!! :) i can refer you to my friend

  4. Ack, I'm thinking if I should get this. I have the third gen but the camera makes a big diff to me!

  5. we got the 4th gen and we're loving it! :)

  6. That's a hoooot item! I find it too sexy!


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