Where to stay in Iloilo? : Sarabia Manor & Westown Hotel

From our amazing 8-hours stay in Bacolod, my sister and I took the ferry to hop over to Iloilo. Growing up, we've been hearing a lot of great stories about life in Iloilo from my sister's long-time yaya. She's an Ilongga and her stories about life in this province and the freshest seafood that you can find stayed in our minds for years. Truly, food is truly a great motivator for us to keep on traveling. So off we went to this province in the Panay Island in the Visayas region one weekend.

sarabia manor iloilo

Prior to our trip, we did our research and initially booked ourselves at the Sarabia Manor Hotel which is a popular hotel in the city. It is very big and usually the choice for business meetings and workshops as well. The hotel is also located along a very busy main road making it very easy should there be a need for you to hail a taxi to go around.

sarabia manor iloilo

However, we both found our room a bit old. The smell was not very fresh, the aircon quite noisy and some of the toilet fixtures are already rusting. Even the bath tub has stains that we have no idea what it was.

We, however, were ready to spend all three days here. The room that we got was pretty cheap so we thought we shouldn't have expected much. With a positive mind, we agreed to still make the most of this trip. After all, we won't be staying in the hotel that much in this vacation anyway.


This was until our dinner at Smallville, a hip and trendy commercial venue in Iloilo which is said to be Iloilo's very own Eastwood City.

westown hotel iloilo

While taking a walk after our heavy dinner of pizza, pasta and BBQ ribs at Bourbon Street, we chance upon a new hotel then called Westown Hotel. It's part of the entire MO2 compound that comprises of a water park and a bar.

westown hotel iloilo

We love the clean and well-lit lobby. The receptionist was also kind enough to show us around and we both gasp when we saw the first room, it was exactly what we both wanted -- clean, spacious, comfy-looking beds and noise-free airconditioning. Of course, we got more than that too! Squeaky clean bathroom, complete toiletries and a flat screen TV. All that for less than Php 2,000 a night!

My sister and I need not say a word, we just exchanged glances and we knew we were both thinking of the same thing -- our next two days will definitely be spent here at Westown Hotel.

We spent our first night at Sarabia Manor and we checked out on the second day. In fairness to Sarabia Manor though, we were happy with the service rendered from their bellboys to the housekeeping staff. They immediately responded to our requests for extra towels and pillows which we truly appreciated

On our second night, we immensely enjoyed our stay at Westown Hotel as we both slept peacefully in our own comfy beds, I enjoyed taking a bath in their stain-free bathroom and the service was perfect.

westown hotel iloilo

Unfortunately, our schedule was a bit tight that we were not able to swim in the Water Park but the pool sure looked inviting! We also liked it that the hotel is located within a commercial center where we just have to crossed the small private road to get to the row of restaurants anytime hunger strikes. Unlike Sarabia Manor though, you have to walk out to the entrance of Smallville in order to hail a cab. However, the bellboys would also gladly do this for you.

So will it be Sarabia Manor or Westown Hotel? Whatever your choice is, you'll surely get genuine Ilonggo hospitality at its finest.

Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center is located at 101 General Luna street, Iloilo City. Call them at +63(33) 335-1021 to 27.

Westown Hotel is located at Glicerio T. Pison, Benigno Aquino Drive, Iloilo City (inside Smallville). Call them at +63(33) 508-38-38/ +63(33) 509-02-02 to 03. 

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