Pesto Break at Pedeli Gourmet Kitchen

Whenever I drive myself home from work, once in a while, I'd find myself craving for pasta. As always, my dilemma is where to get good pesto pasta. There used to be a stall at the food court of our office building that sells was pretty oily, not the best quality but I stayed loyal to it for almost a year. At home, this has been my constant request, it used to just be every Monday where Mommy would ask our helper to prepare pesto spaghetti for dinner. However, now we would ask for this almost twice a week or more.

Back when I still had Bo (the Basil), I was planning on making my own pesto sauce. Bo, after all, was very cooperative. He grew to be a very healthy and fragrant basil plant with lots of leaves. However, I became very busy and didn't had the time to source for the other ingredients needed to make my own pesto sauce. Thus, I've resorted to stocking up on bottles of pesto sauces as home. Still, I know nothing beats enjoying a plate of piping hot al dente pasta noodles with freshly made pesto sauce. How I dream of being able to have the luxury of enjoying this dish at any given time.

pedeli pesto pasta

Fast forward to the present, I went to the Mercato Centrale early this month and chanced upon Pedeli Gourmet Kitchen. There I met Peter Sison, who introduced to me his sandwiches and pasta. I was immediately drawn towards his Pesto Pasta with Crabmeat (Php. 130). The serving was very generous and imagine I was able to finish it all up on my own. I love the texture of the chopped nuts and the wonderful aroma of the pesto. The noodles has just the right bite. After enjoying my pasta, I went back and asked Peter where he got his sauce and he said, they made it from scratch. I was impressed. The basil was not too overpowering and it wasn't oily at all. Indeed, this pesto spaghetti got my two thumbs up.

A couple of weeks after that, fellow bloggers and foodie club member, Abet invited us to lunch at a small resto-deli along Pioneer. Upon receiving his invite, I wondered where exactly in Pioneer is this resto-deli located as I haven't noticed any new restaurant opening in the past months. We were told that it's located in Cityland Pioneer and all the more I was curious where exactly can the restaurant be found. I even asked the help of my colleague who lives in the building to help me look for it but she couldn't find it as well.

On the day of our lunch date, I followed the instructions given and finally found Pedeli's Gourmet Kitchen at the lower ground level of the Cityland condominium. Admittedly, it's not that easy to locate but just ask the guard and he'll be able to give you instructions on how to get there.


The place is very small, imagine entering a Chef's private kitchen with just a limited sitting area. It's a good thing we were the only ones there and so we were able to have a good chat with both Peter and Eboy the amazing duo behind Pedeli Gourmet Kitchen.


The moment I entered, it was then I realized that I've met Peter before and I've tasted their pasta already. All the more, I was excited for lunch. While chatting, Peter and Eboy prepared our meal. They have a line-up of sandwiches from Supreme, Deluxe and Signature. The Deluxe line is the most basic with just a layer of sandwich filled with your choice of Bacon, Chicken, Hungarian, Meat or Tuna. You can choose if you want to get the Big or the Biggie size where it differs in the size of the bread.

pedeli hungarian supreme

We wanted something more and so we went for the Supreme which reminds me of my favorite Clubhouse Sandwich where you get a huge double-decker sandwich filled with the same choice of toppings as the Deluxe plus sliced boiled egg, cheese and ham. We got the Big Hungarian Supreme Sandwich (Php. 145). It was delicious! I love how crunchy the edges of the sausage was and everything just blended well -- the egg, cheese, ham, hungarian sausage, bread. It's a very big piece of sandwich that the four of us decided to share in order to try the other variants.

Jane's choice was the Crabsticks and Mangoes (Php. 110 / Php. 140) which is part of their Signature Sandwich Series. A very refreshing choice with sweet mangoes and kani. I wasn't able to try this but it's definitely on my list for my succeeding visits.


Check out their line-up of sodas!! Blast from the past!! :)

I'm so happy that there's finally a new place to visit whenever the craving for pesto pasta comes around. They are also open to delivery this is good news for everyone living and working around Mandaluyong, San Juan, Pasig, Ortigas and Makati!

Visit Pedeli Gourmet Kitchen at LG66 Cityland Pioneer, 128 Pioneer street, Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City. For deliveries, call them at 570-9708.

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