My Favorite Things : Matahari Indonesian Deli

Aside from pasta and fried rice, one thing I don't think I can live without are chips! Not the healthiest food in the planet but they do give us the comfort that we need after a long hard day at work. It surely hits the right spot, I must say.

Luckily, my husband Paul loves chips as much as I do. The funny thing is he favors potato chips while I truly adore corn chips. Nonetheless, we share the same passion for finding different types of chips here and abroad. Thus, it's not a surprise that for all of our trips, our hand carry luggage is always filled to the brim with ... chips.


Here in Metro Manila, a trip to SM Megamall will not be complete without passing by Matahari. It's an Indonesian kiosk that sells the best tasting Baked BBQ Cassava Chips and Vegetable Crackers. Initially we would share a 100 grams bag but eventually we realized that this was not enough for sharing thus we both would get our own 100 grams bag each! I love the sweet salty taste of this yummy snack.

matahari cassave chips

Imagine how excited we were upon finding out that Matahari now has a new kiosk in Greenhills! Located within the V-Mall Foodcourt, we can now easily get our fill of cassava chips, cheese sticks and nuts anytime!

matahari rainbow drops

I love how simple Matahari's snack foods are but it surely can be very addicting. They also have Rainbow Drops (Php. 50/100 grams) which are tiny bite-size cookies with hard colorful icing on top. It surely brings back wonderful memories of our childhood.

Crunchy Chicharon (Crackers) in all types and sizes! 
Make mine the flavorful Onion and Garlic Chicharon (Php. 60/100grams)!

It's also here where I first learned about the Martabak, an Indonesian pancake-like snack. Thanks to the franchise owner of Matahari V-Mall, who made us try his best-selling variant -- the Chocolate and Cheese Martabak (Php 120).


It was fun watching the sales clerk preparing our Martabak, it has almost the same cooking procedure of a crepe or pancake only it takes the batter longer to cook.

matahari martabak

A word of advise: as soon as the Martabak is ready, I highly recommend that you eat it right away. We enjoyed our first few pieces while we were hanging out at V-Mall but the ones we took home were a bit harder to chew. I'm curious also to just get the Cheese or Chocolate Martabak next time. The mix of sweet chocolate and salty cheese has quite an acquired taste.

Now, no trip to Greenhills would ever be complete without grabbing a bag of chips at Matahari!

We obviously love Matahari. ♥

Check the Matahari kiosk out at the 3rd floor of V-Mall (inside the food court).

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