Bonchon Chicken Love

It has been a yearly tradition that I spend the first two days of the new year listing down restaurants and places that I would like to visit that year. It somehow becomes my guide when friends would ask for dinner recommendations anytime we plan to meet up. I was fortunate enough to be able to crossed out quite a lot last year and I am hopeful to be able to do just as much this year. This is, of course, without compromising my physical and financial being. A new restaurant a week sounds reasonable, right? Right! :)

Today, Paul and I joined Mommy as she went to Greenbelt 1 for her appointment. While Mommy headed to meet her client, we went around the mall and was surprise to see certain new establishments and developments here and there. Then we decided to check out the stores outside, we were greeted by a new kid in town that's right beside Starbucks Coffee and Pancake House!

bonchon chicken
Bonchon Chicken is in TOWN!

Bonchon Chicken is part of my places to visit this 2011 and I excitedly walked into the restaurant to sample their famous fried chicken! It was three in the afternoon and I told Paul, it's just the right time for our afternoon merienda. Forget the fact that we just had lunch two hours ago.

bonchon chicken

We agreed to go light and went for the 3 Pieces Chicken Drumstick (Php. 185) with a cup of Kimchi Coleslaw (Php. 45) as sides.

bonchon chicken

Service was very fast! In less than 5 minutes, our box of chicken was serve! You can choose whether you want your Chicken cooked in Soy Garlic or Hot & Spicy. We got two Soy Garlic and one Hot & Spicy for Paul to try. I love the fact that they put a toothpick on the chicken that's Hot and Spicy to warn non-spicy eaters to stay away from it.

I took my first piece and cut a small piece, the skin literally crackles showing how crunchy it is. Without adding anything to it, I took a bite and I love the hot, tender chicken meat. However, I noticed that the flavor kind of just stays with the skin and the meat was pretty bland. This was where I prefer Chicken Charlie's chicken where the flavor seeps through up until the bone.

bonchon kimchi

One thing that will make me go back to Bonchon Chicken though is their Kimchi Coleslaw. I love coleslaw and I love kimchi too, put them together and you got me a TREAT! Despite how spicy it was and forget the fact that my doctor prohibited me from eating anything spicy so as not to aggravate my nasty cough, I couldn't help but take in more scoops of the Kimchi Coleslaw as I enjoy having this with my chicken. I'm glad we got this that afternoon.

Dining at Bonchon Chicken will give you that casual fun vibe with big barkadas (group of friends) and yuppies enjoying their own boxes of chicken. The table nearby was a group of girls enjoying what looks like a burrito which I later found out was their Bulgogi Wrap. The server told me that is also a best-seller. Will definitely try that next time. :)

Here's one restaurant I can cross out from my list! One dozen, plenty more to go! :)

Bonchon Chicken currently has two branches: Greenbelt 1 and at the Ayala Triangle along Paseo de Roxas both in Makati City.

Wish they'd come closer to home.:)

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